My arm hurts-risperidone?

I started 1.5 mg yesterday. .5 mg in the morning, 1 mg at night. And tonight I’ve been experiencing pain in my arm for several hours. It’s a pretty decent pain too. I looked it up and apparently it can cause muscle pain. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m going to try to meet with the doctor tomorrow to talk about this. I was also having hand twitching today which concerned me. (I had that with abilify)

I experienced some muscle pain on Seroquel, but not with Risperdal.

You just started Risperdal, the pain might go away with time.

What is your target dose? 1.5mg is a good starter dose.

Same happened to me on Invega, it passed.

Could it be cramp? I get cramp from meds.

I have had it before on risperidone