Will Risperidone side effects elapse with time?

Dear all,

I have been prescribed 4mg of Risperidone. I have been experiencing muscle pain and no ejaculation. Will this stop with time as my body gets used to the medication?

I am on Risperdal, I experienced many unwanted side effects at 4mg. I discussed it with my doctor, she lowered the dose down to 2mg. I still experience side effects but not as much. You may have to lower your dose in order for the side effects to go away - If you can afford to lower your dose that is. Discuss your situation with your doctor

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I am on risperdal as well. Side effects gets worse in time, its been 8 years since i am on risperdal, and recently due to worsening of side effects i am thinking of switching med.

Medication effects people differently. I have been on resperidone for 7 years and I do not even notice any side-effects. I take 8 mg a day, 4 mg in the morning and 4 mg at night. I agree with Wave, talk to your doctor about this.