My anger tends to escalate

No wonder I buried it. Now, keeping myself in control is the goal.


I suggest you talk to your psychiatrist about this anger. From some of your other posts I think it may be a problem. See what they say.

Yes, I am just loosening up. Don’t worry, I am aware of the need for control. I see my pdoc on the 12th. Please realize there’s a huge difference between thoughts and actions. I am allowed to be angry.


I’m feeling angry tonight!
Real irritable!!

Is it focused or just a general frustration?

General anger but it fluctuates.

I haven’t been angry in years. Was a little irritable after work though.

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My anger is about Mom. She would think what she would think no matter what I said and it is difficult for me not to escalate about her being wrong and refusing to see it that way. She has died so this is all my mind dealing with the past. Still very real and powerful.

The last time I got really angry I threatened a hospital pdoc. Now I’m in legal trouble because of that. There’s definitely a fine line between just experiencing the emotion and acting on it.

Some of the best advice I ever heard is that “people who say that anger builds up are wrong”. The thing is that if you BELIEVE that you build up anger then your mind will believe that and focus and dwell on all of the negativity (which is dangerous) , whereas if we find a way to deal with the issues from our past through either acceptance or action, we can move past these things that technically aren’t even a part of our current reality. My personal method is to convert my frustrated energy into something creative or redirect it into a different direction than getting generally mad. That’s just what I know of it, hope some of it might help.

I have learned that anger is a choice of action not and emotion. Your emotion that makes you choose to be angry is Sadness or Fear. So what I do to calm myself down when I choose to get angry is I try to pin point what I am angry or afraid of. This way I have a better understanding of where I’m coming from and have more control on my actions and emotions.


Some of my problem is a matter of “never knowing what hit” so I am glad for revelations. The other part is that the pain of the injury is distracting and disabling.

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That’s very insightful, @Longhorn21 Behind my anger is definitely fear. After my head injury, anger was accompanied by fear of loss of motor control. This has loosened my head up enough to work on it. Thank you.

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My anger use to be based of sadness but lately it’s been on fear. If you ever need help feel free to PM anytime!

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