For those who have done an Ancestry DNA test

Ancestry have updated the results.

Old: England, Wales and NW Europe 67 Scotland and Ireland 33.


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How much do they cost? My mom told me I was 1/4 Scotch Irish, and I think that is the dominant strain - the Scottish Calvinist.

Yes I did but I must argue that my place of origin has nothing to do with how well I turned out.

I don’t think anyone but supremacists , whether they be black or white etc, think that it does . All nationalities have good and bad people .

Mine stayed the same: 83% England, Wales, France, Luxembourg, Belgium. 14% Scottish and Irish. 3% German. It goes back 500 years. National Geographic goes back 2,000-10,000 years. Mostly German.

Yeah they totally updated my results as well

Mine has changed a little bit, but not too much.

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According to the bible we are all the same race in different forms. Actually we use to speak the same language. These days we got translaters. The internet tv radio is connecting the world. We built more powerful computers beyond comprehension. I am born before that technology and books were my internet. I can’t explain myself without the internet. I need it for defense. I start copying and write my own books.

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