My album cover art

I was gonna ask if someone of our fantastic artists could help me make some cover art. Maybe they still can!!! But I found this art. Ps my album is called A Beautiful Mind for those that didn’t see the thread!

All it’s missing is a parental advisory logo.

3/4 of the equipment I ordered is coming today, except the most important one hasn’t been shipped yet :angry:
I finished editing my beats and lyrics, now I just need my equipment to record it so pumped! I’ve put a lot of work in, and the audio clips from the movie a Beautiful Mind fit in soooo well!!


Will you share it freely with us?

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Yeah definitely but I’m gonna take my time. So might be a few weeks! Shared my music in the past but now I bought studio quality equipment so I’m perfecting it much more. And added all the john Nash audio clips which makes the music more intriguing!!

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Where is your past ones? Are they original?

Goyankees I like the art but more I like that you are so motivated to do this album. Best of luck and have fun.


It’s good art, but do you have the artist’s permission to use it? You don’t want them suing you once you’re rich and famous.


I deleted them because they are poor sound quality. But when I get my new equipment it will be great quality. It’s hip hop, not sure what you mean by original, the lyrics and vocals are original, but I don’t make my own beats. But I edit them a little now. I download free beats off youtube. It’s ok if u don’t like hip hop I won’t be offended. Lots of my lyrics are about mental health stuff.

You’re right. It is a risk I’m willing to take, becoming rich and famous and all though. I would prefer if someone on this board made me something similar…and then we agree that when I become rich and famous I will pay them x amount rather than being sued

We have musicians here, why don’t you work with them? They can help you to produce sth completely original.

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That’d be real cool!! But I don’t think there are any hip hop beat makers here :frowning:

There are a few electronic beat makers though but that doesn’t really work.

I like a certain style of beats too. So it’s gotta be similar to some extent of what I like. My beats are good, and they are free!

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Then that artist would be the one getting sued. Maybe someone can come up with something new. Or you could just contact that artist and ask permission.

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Where can I send you a track cause I want your opinion?

Private message me!!!

Wow good call ninjastar ! I went to the page of the artist and it clearly has a “contact me” thing right there.

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I know you’re going to make it big because you’re more talented than some of the current big-shot rappers.

Don’t forget us little guys when you make it big :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @kindness !!! You ain’t seen nothing yet lol. I was listening to this guy Post Malone and he’s got NOTHING on me and he’s crazy famous!! Lol! Thanks it means a lot.


Did you buy that artwork or did you draw it?

I’m working on buying it

haven’t heard back yet

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yeah :o) if you can buy it or something because you’d get in a lot of trouble =(

Only if my album and/or musical career goes somewhere but yeah you’re right. my beats are free it says so on all of them, I only search for “free beats” lol, I’m still gonna credit the producers, but the least I can do is buy my artwork for my album. Even if it costs $100, id say its worth it. I think in the email I didn’t offer to buy it I just said “I’m making my first (hip-hop) album and want to use your artwork as cover art…hope to hear back. thanks- Chew/Jon”

@Ninjastar was smart in alerting me I should do this otherwise I would be thiefing it and get myself into trouble.

If they never respond ill get one of yall to make me some cover art, or just make some bootleg (as in not so OFFICIAL) stuff myself.

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