My album is called A Beautiful Mind

16 songs. Everything but the intro has an audio clip from the movie A Beautiful Mind at the beginning and sometimes the end… track #8 is called A Beautiful Mind. The intro has an audio clip from chronicles of narnia and halo. They fit really well. It’s a concept album. All written, ready to be recorded. I have the Beautiful Mind and other clips put in already. I think it has come out real well so far! Waiting on my new equipment but gonna take my time when I get it… but it’s really cool. I spent hours last night digging up clips from the movie and saving them into the beats. Now I’m still doing some editing on the lyrics written but almost ready to just record.

At the end of the last song is john Nash saying “goodbye” to all his students when he’s a professor. The song Insane, at the beginning is him yelling at his hallucinations acting psychotic in the courtyard. Fitting for that song. After the audio clips the beat always drops real hard and it sounds cool :sunglasses:.


I was like you when I finished a computer program. It is the passion that drives us.


I’m gonna edit the lyrics a lot more. Instead of saying "that f-Ing hypocrite " I’m gonna say “that sexing hypocrite”. Get it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m gonna try to swear as little as I can. But still swear a little :sob::yum::+1:. Also I realized I say “spitting” waaaay too much. Which is a synonym for rapping. Every chance I can…I’m gonna replace spitting with “rapping” to simplify it. I realized using the word spitting is a bad habit of mine, except when it rhymes or has a double meaning I will replace it. Poetry is 50% writing it initially and 50% revision. I think it’s 50%. If you count listening to the songs rough drafts over and over to realize it’s flaws, I’d say this album will have taken 100+ hours to make… working hard.

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“My album is called A Beautiful Mind” It’s cool that you’ve made a collection of songs

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Ya I’ve worked hard, it’s been over a month I’ve been working on it. Every day hours a day.

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