My album “a beautiful mind” is finally complete

I’ve done my research and titles can be stolen across genres. And I purchased my album art for $5 a couple years ago.

Honestly this is sick. I’m not saying it’ll blow up by any means. But if I keep improving…it’s pretty cool. Check it out. I only decided on A Beautiful Mind three years ago. Now it’s done after draft #16 or so. I hope you enjoy.


Well done ! :clap:

Is there anyway you could sell it ?

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No I don’t wanna sell it. Even though I gave all my producers credit I have no idea how monetary stuff works. It’s a free beat and I gave them credit but still you may not be able to profit. Well if it blew up it’d blow up I’d worry about lawsuits later on… but this I’m gonna put on YouTube later so if it got a lot of views somehow I’d get some income but nothing crazy. Really for me, since I’m broke and all. And u need money to make money. I’m just hoping some people can enjoy this. And if it got me some other attention I’d be grateful too. But I don’t expect to sell this due to copyright questions.

I’d rather be broke and struggling artist my whole life and appreciated then once after I died for being “ahead of my time” or something. When they discover my archives on the forgotten music section of YouTube 20 years later.

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