Graphic artist for the new forum

So SzAdmin i would like to offer my services for the new site free of charge, all you would need to do is give me the specifications of the document size and request anything you want, and i would be happy to create graphic art for the site, i have a question though, if this site is non profit, then it would be your choice to allow me to use any images artwork, or copyrighted material. If that is an issue then i can create copyright free images to your specifications.

since there is a restriction on this forum for new users to post links, i cannot show you any of my artwork, and there seems to be a problem with copy and pasting photos for some reason.

Please let me know if your interested, i would be more than happy to do it, to give the site more life, something as simple as the site banner could be spruced up.

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Thanks for the offer. Right now I’m busy with the software aspects of the site - and will be working on this and other backend software for the next month. But I’ll keep your offer in mind and when I move to the visual look of the site I’ll try to contact you.

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alright man no problem

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Now that i am allowed to post links here are some examples of my work. -examples of artwork that i own 100% AKA my main projects -examples of artwork that i do not own 100% AKA my side projects - My business page where the majority of my artwork is uploaded.

Unfortunately i do not have a portfolio yet, but i am working on it.

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i still am unable to post images here…

new website with my portfolio and all new artwork

Nice photography work. @SzAdmin I volunteer my artistic skills as well if you need me when that time comes.

THat’s bs…I’ve posted my work here before and no one stole it.