Mutiple Antipsychotics Prescriptions Experiment

here is the “science” experiment (oxymorons by the way) known as Polypharmacy which the long term effects of are unknown. I guess they might want to call it a medical experiment but medicine isn’t supposed to hurt people.

The logic seems to be a doctor can hurt one person if it saves ten people but they never save anyone. They promise to save ten.

If the psychiatrists really knew the mind there would be no crime because all crime is planned by a mind but they don’t understand it.

My psychiatrist is switching me to Clozapine so I don’t have to use both Ziprasidone and Olanzapine. He obviously isn’t a believer in polypharmacy. I agree. If possible you should only use one drug to manage your condition…ideally anyway. I know that’s hard for some on here.

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I was on Geodon and Latuda in combination for a while and landed in the hospital. Now I’m just on Invega Sustenna.

I have been on a Latuda and Haloperidol combo before, and more recently, Amisulpride and Abilify. I am now just on Amisulpride. My pdoc was planning on keeping me on both, but he then determined the Abilify was making me very agitated.

It has annoyed me as I got refused my drivers license because of this agitation, and it has gone on for months. I have not been able to drive for much of the past 18 months…

He has finally agreed to sign it off at the end of November, which I cannot wait for it to happen.

This poly pharmacy experiment didn’t work for me, and it has set me back about 6 months in terms of being settled. :-/

I guess the positive is that the Amisulpride for the most part seems to work well with limited side effects, and we may be able to reduce the dose in a few months. I hope this can happen.

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