Muting a topic or category

This was recently brought to my attention in another thread. Some may find this a useful feature of the site.

You can mute a topic so that ‘You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.’

This option can be found at the bottom right by clicking on Tracking. This list is Watching, Tracking, Regular and Muted.

You can also mute a category.


Not quite true. If you had replied to at one stage and someone answers to you. comments or likes etc That topic will show up. Over all a minor annoyance as all the New and Unread topics count in the muted will show up over all but those topics will be invisible to you. Same as if you reply or look at one of the muted topics. But logging out of your account and back in again will reset it. You’ll see what I mean when it happens.


Thank you for clarifying. I’m guessing there is a certain amount of conflict as the system will notify of direct replies and likes which makes sense. Also if you go into a topic after muting it then it makes sense than you have in a way voided the choice and need to reset it.


I’m probably adding more confusion but is anther way to mute a category. Open your profile and click preferences. Scroll to the bottom. Next to Categories is the Watched then below is a box. Below that is is Tracked then under that is a box. Then below that is a Muted and under that is a box. The boxes will show what you have the setting to for each category. If so the box next to it will be empty. There is also a cross next to each to remove them and reset it back to original settings. But anyway you can type what you would like in each empty box for the category. Once you start typing the first letter to what you want it will come up with the list again. Click on what you want and it will show in the box and of course remember to “Save changes” for the effects to work. However temperamental isn’t the word for this section.