How do you unmute a thread?

A thread you previously muted?

I have no idea maybe @Moonbeam @rogueone @ninjastar or @ZombieMombie can tell you.

Just click on the same box where you muted and click on “normal”. I just did it myself.
It’s under topic controls at the bottom of the thread

You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.

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Thing is that thread is totally invisible to me I think. I’m flummoxed!

Yeah. Idk. Maybe ask a mod.

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If it is invisible to him, I don’t know. If you commented on it, try to go to that comment. From there scroll down to the topic controls.

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I tested it out.

You have to use the search function to find the thread, and then go to the end of the thread to topic controls.

It’s not invisible to the search function.


That is funny @everhopeful. I just did exactly that then saw your post!

Great minds think alike (but fools seldom differ lol)

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Glad you got it sorted !

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