Creative forum overflow

It seems the creative area is being filled with a ‘miscellaneous’ overflow from the diagnosed forum. It’s hard to sort through it all to find poems, artwork’ etc. Maybe 2 separate forums would be better.

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We have had some good ideas for other categories like ‘school and work’. I think because a lot of our members use cell phones there is a concern on adding too many categories that make navigating the site harder on small devises.

The topic title should give a good idea on what the post is regarding.

I can see what you mean @pob. I feel no interest in watching videos by bands on the creative category. I just have to skip them.

It sees a General category would simplify + clarify.

You can also mute topics so not like they are forced on you constantly.

I don’t understand. You mean once you’ve read one you can mute it? If so, how?

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve edited this a few times as I write the walkthrough for you. Right down the bottom you will see the “Tracking” button with a little arrow pointing down. Just above suggested topics. It will say “Regular” if you hadn’t replied to it etc. Click it and many options will come up. The one you want is “Muted” to mute the topic. Although sometimes you need to log out and back in again to reset it but you will only need to do it once. However it’s far from perfect and a bit temperamental if someone replies to you etc on the topic. But usually fixes itself after you log out and in again. Play around with it and get a feel for it.



Thank you for that @Dreamscape. Not sure how I missed that function but it’s good to know it’s there.


You can also mute any of the boards…For example the entire dreaded unusual beliefs. A Little different though as it the the very tiny circle and arrow thingy next to the create topic button, top right corner. Thought I’d pass that on especially for the family and friends who don’t want to deal with it.


???.. don’t see it…

If you need anymore help with it give me a buzz as feel I’m taking over the topic.