Musicians who think they're "crazy"


I reckon some may be bi-polar and a little crazy, but does it irk anyone else that people without SZ may say “I’m sooo crazy” in their song lyrics. Like they don’t know what crazy is unless they’ve experience SZ. I guess someone like Ozzy Osbourne or John Lennon may have been a little crazy.

Most haven’t experienced insanity like I/we have. But they’re just entertainers, performers I guess. They’re good at putting on a show and emphasizing their voice in a way that makes you think they’re crazy, but really they’re not. Well not like I’ve been when I’ve been blatantly psychotic. Thoughts?

I just think Alicia Keys and Billy Joel are NOT crazy at all, but they think they are and pretend they are, and many more examples.

Maybe I’m wrong though and maybe they are crazy, but maybe it’s just a front.


Not saying we’re necessarily crazy, but I think we are more so than Alicia Keys.


Well, what’s your definition of crazy? If its in psychosis, well then they are not crazy. But if your definition of crazy is doing stupid things like biting heads off of doves for publicity stunts, then celebrities are crazy.


I guess you’re right. But when you’re SZ and you think driving your car through psychosis, thinking you’re the chosen one and hearing voices and having constant delusions is crazy, you kind of get irked when musicians use “crazy” as a way of bragging. I think Ozzy was bi-polar and celebrity crazy. Alicia Keys on the other hand…she just says shes crazy because her fanbase probably thinks “Oh shes crazy, I want to be considered crazy too”…im not sure. I was listening to her yesterday in the car and she didn’t seem crazy but said she was.

Eminem I think was crazy as in mentally ill, but wasn’t celebrity crazy. Tupac was both, but moreso mentally ill crazy. I give those two a pass.


I don’t know about John Lennon, but I do know that Ozzie Osbourne has some form of bipolar disorder and his brain is fried from decades of hard drug use.
I think that Mr Lennon suffered from depression


Lennon used a lot of LSD and once claimed he was Jesus. Idk if he was schizophrenic or just suffered from too much substance induced psychosis but I think he was a little crazy. I think a lot of the rock stars from the 60s and 70s were a little crazy. I think its hard to be a singer or rapper though if youre SZ. Its just these pop stars mostly that think theyre crazy that kind of annoys me. Idk maybe this is a stupid thread.


No it’s not a stupid thread, it’s rather interesting.
I agree with you, a lot of the musicians from the past especially, were afflicted with some form of mental illness, wether it was bipolar,depression or substance/alcohol abuse, many of them were a bit off in some way


Its probably why they are so creative, the mental illness i mean


The Doobie Brothers one of my favorite bands had a Schizophrenic member, so did a few other bands. And Syd Barrett who left Pink Floyd had a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and most likely schizoaffective disorder. I know that song by Dire Straits “I wish I had played the god damn drums” sometimes I think I’d be really good at that. But I can’t sing, my voice is too soft.

I feel we are real good at playing instruments and writing lyrics but not sure about singing. Unless someone can prove me wrong.

The lsd use of the 60’s and 70’s didn’t hurt the amount of people with mental illness in the music business. My favorite era of music.



Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys suffers from Schizoaffective and he had a good voice.
Not a lot of schizophrenics in the music industry but a whole lot of musicians afflicted with some kind of affective disorder and/or substance abuse.
I love the music that came out of the 60s and my era the 70s


Lots, if not most people, are crazy. It goes with being an adult. But there is a difference between being crazy in the popular usage of the word, and having a mental illness. Like someone alluded to, biting the head off a bat or a dove is crazy but doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill. As the word crazy is used it means stuff like driving a car at a 120mph on a freeway, or picking fights with other people or ingesting copious amounts of drugs or fighting the police. The word “crazy” might cover all those but it doesn’t mean they have a diagnosable mental illness though the lines are blurred. By the way, I think you may have your facts wrong about John Lennon. I never heard him claim he was Jesus Christ but he did start a big controversy in the middle-to-late sixties when he said ,Quote: “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ”. Could this be what you heard? His quote was actually taken out of context and resulted in death threats and the Klu Klux Klan picketing their concerts. But yeah, “crazy” is not usually black and white. Something like 35% or 40% of adults in America will suffer some form of mental illness at least once over the course of their lifetime. People without a diagnosable mental illness may hear voices. People can hallucinate without a diagnosable mental illness. Most people think they are “crazy” sometimes and doubt their own sanity. But actually, lots of rock stars are known for their"crazy" lifestyle of drugs, women, and acting out. It goes with the territory. Motley Crue was crazy. With orgies under the stage during guitar solos or trashing hotels. And they wouldn’t mind be called crazy. Actually, being called crazy is a compliment to lots of rock stars or other certain entertainment figures. It’s like a badge of honor.


The Beach Boys. That’s Brian Wilson singing lead. Later diagnosed with schizophrenia. 40 years later he’s still singing and performing.