Musical genres?

I’m interested in LoFi, Electro Swing, everything Gramatik does and some New Retro Wave as of late. So I was wondering what other weird stuff people might be interested in, musically.

I am all in for classic genres as well, so feel free to reply even if you only prefer to listen to some Pink Floyd or Bob Marley and that’s it. I am just curious what rocks people’s boats nowadays.

(P.S. I used to know all the lyrics and some riffs to Pink Floyd, so I wouldn’t blame you if you do)

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I listen to everything, from classical music to brutal Deathgrind. My mood changes very often and my musical tastes seem to change with it. Recently I’ve been listening to rap…


searching Deathgrind on YouTube duly noted, sir. Lolz.

I tend to listen to the same song ad nauseaum when I am manic, but otherwise cycle through all genres as well.

I guess I am hypomanic right now as well? Dunno.

Hip hop and classic rock are my favorites

Spotify is the key.


I need to pick music for my wedding ceremony. We are having an organist perform, (not my choice). So I’m researching organ music. Anyone know any tunes for organ?

2nd Spotify

I listen only to relaxing instrumental/new age music.

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in the 90s i listened to a lot of RnB. And then it changed to classic rock… Nowadays i like 80s music.

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Dixieland Jazz lately. I really like the sound.

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I like dreampop as a genre.
I also like trance, alternative pop/rock, and chillstep.


@skims Congrats on your wedding!!!

Here’s a good find after a quick search, an organ playlist with examples from Soundcloud, see what you like and let me know, so I can look up similar tunes. I’ll ask my brother who is a musician if you tell me what you like, maybe he knows more pieces like that.

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My favorite Is Aggrotech otherwise known as Hellektro. I also like EBM,Futurepop, Electro Industrial and DarkWave. Sometimes I also listen to Goth Rock, Industrial Rock, and Industrial Metal, and Indie.

Really I try lots of different stuff from time to time. But those are the genre’s I listen to the most.

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I like old progressive rock. My fave albums are two live ones by King Crimson: The Great Deceiver and Absent Lovers, 1974 and 1984, respectively. I try to keep up with more recent music in the form of Dream Theater, but that to me is just warmed over Kansas.

What gives me chills really is modern classical, particularly French: Satie, Debussy, Ravel. But also Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Webern, Berg… Varese, and Penderecki. I love Night on Bald Mountain, IMO ahead of its time.

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@Borath Love Debussy for the most part, I have to confess being into Romantics like Mussorgsky (particularly Pictures from an Exhibition, my favourite is Il Vecchio Castello) and Grieg (mostly the Peer Gynt suite) and everything Liszt.

Otherwise I like bits and pieces like Albinoni’s Adagio…yeah, I am an incurable Romanticist in so much as classical music is concerned. Truth be told, I listen to this type of music with an untrained ear, as learning musical theory from centuries ago applied now seems like a bit of waste of time, when I can, after a bit of digging, find information about newer techniques for making music, relying on the devices that reproduce it , the frequency used, so on so forth.

That being said, I completely, utterly and absolutely hate Brahms. His music seems a pompous parody of anything musical to me.

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synth pop for me but I like your taste in music


I ■■■■■■■ love hip hop

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  1. Heavy metal
  2. Hip hop/rap
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Forgot to say, I love what I’ve heard of Borodin (Prince Igor). Khatchaturian’s Spartacus enchants me. Rimsky-Korsakov!

Rimsky-Korsakov indeed!!!

I thought you would frown upon that one for being too…vulgarized, but it’s one of my secret preferences as well. Used to spend hours with my 4 years old brother listening to his music and telling him magical stories that kind of sounded like the music.

He went on to become a fairly good musician, and I went on to be diagnosed as sz, lol.

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I want to listen to Le Coq D’Or again. It’s been a long time. One of his later works, isn’t it? Stravinsky got a lot of inspiration from it. So-o modern.