Whats your favorite artist, music genre

I like metal, rap, country, Stan bush and disturb.

I like techno/house music, rap, classical music, some varieties of pop… etc


I like Dolores from the cranberries atm.

I don’t know my favourite music genre.

Maybe rock.


Thats really cool i like techno too, i play techno when i workout. It gets me going. You have good taste of music.


Its okay if dont a specife genre you like at least you like music.

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I like New Age, Dead can Dance, and some 90’s music like Phil Collins.


Phil collins is awesome great artist, good choice.


I go through phases where I like certain music genres the most.

I went through a blues phase, which I still love the blues but it got frustrating trying to find very rare CDs from very old albums.

Currently I’m on an alternative rock and eighties rock kick. Lots of Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, stuff like that.

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I love jazz, blues, bluegrass, opera, classical, metal, rock, doo-wop, oldies, and sometimes just silence.

Could never get into hip hop though. My parents burned me out on country music growing up. I can only listen to so many songs about cars, women, and beer.

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I like new age, meditation music and soundtracks.


i like indie folk the most. favorite band though is the beatles.

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Thanks for replies, everyone has great taste for music. Music underated now days, keeps me happy. Keep listening guys. Dont stop listening.


I mostly listen to easy listening or classical, but I like all types. I listen to Engelbert Humperdinck station on Pandora.

disturb, metal. it gets me going in my workouts.

Punk @ goth when i was younger, classical music now!

Psychedelic music from the 60 70 … 90 10 20´’ies. (not that much good psychedelic music in the 80’ties apart from spacemen3)

Punk rock n indie
Sole and the sky rider band

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