Music Production- tunes, discussion & queries 2

Is this one @zwolfgang any tips very much appreciated :pray:t4: sounds a little bit empty imo

Send the one you’re working on!


more funk @dreamer54


Sounds good to me man! Love the drums and bass, it might sound a bit empty now but it has a great foundation. I like the synths and stuff, maybe add more of those but Id do it after someone raps on it so you can kind of tailor it to their flow. Also you can add some drum fills in the same way. Keep doing what youre doing this one def has promise!

Heres mine, would love any tips on where to go with this:


Ah… old italian pimp music… gotta love it!

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Definetely some great ideas… you should finish this one.

It’s a bit out of tune… I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for…

I like the form, you bring all instruments out nicely

Maybe start sooner with the bass or later with the drums… if you like it

The bass kinda breaks with my cheap headphones, maybe you can experiment with something more clean?


But deffinetely high level material here.

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Thanks yeah my guitar goes out of tune all the time unfortunately lol. Cant really avoid it but to keep rerecording is super annoying so Ill probably leave that.

I dont really like the bass I used. Im thinking maybe rerecord with a bass guitar but I need to find a good bassline

Appreciate the listen! Im thinking of doing vocals on this too, do you think I should?


Was going to suggest that. I can record something for ya if you want.

I think same line on bass guitar would sound amazing

Keep it acoustic!

Definetely rapable

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About the tuning, you can put some vinyl distortion and make it lofi lol

Dont get me wrong, I like the slight out of tune, but you would need to change the concept imo

Also drums don’t need to come in that fast… I like long intros!

Btw thanks for the suggestion, I will wait for my friend to rap over it

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Love the beats on this tape, sounds like vintage early 2010s Curren$y

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And that’s… a well made beat lol I like the boom bap part

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Cool thanks for the feedback! Ill get to work on that now

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@zwolfgang man… added one layer more of synths and made it longer. Also switched a bit the velocity of the snare

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I really like everything about it except the melody of the saw synth personally. Maybe you could try playing with that

I changed mine too, the above one is different now if you want to listen again. Mostly just added a bass and did some mixing

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Send it! It’s great to have feedback, and if we can help thats great!

You don’t like the note choices of the saw synth? Or maybe it’s because it’s too loud or too much in your face? (Instrument or note choice?)

Wow man sounds way more compact now.

Great news, I don’t think you should worry about the tuning anymore.

Two things only:

If you want you can put more substance on the bass now, you can’t almost hear it or feel it…
The kick is too much independent from the bass, maybe you want that… idk

The drums can sound more natural as well (is the snare alone maybe?idk)

I allways have this as a reference, I’m doomed to fall short lmao

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I’m beeing super nitpicky I know. I believe the materials are top tier and this can be one of your better works. And I know your work a little bit…

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Exactly. It sounds goofy af. I removed it completely.


Final version. (without mixing)


I really like it man! It has a very smooth vibe now everything fits. If you wanted I still think you could add more but maybe after the rapper does their thing.

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