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This is a thread in regards to making your own music and Digita; Audio Workstations (DAW) queries.

Feel free to post any music you create and see if you can help out at all with any queries.

Works in progress all welcome here.



Listen to No Justice No Peace by Moon Star on #SoundCloud


Hi just setting up today for the first time.

I downloaded all drivers, virtual istruments, keyboard etc.

I can’t get any sound from the DAW or Reason!

I have output as indicated by fthe flashing lights when a key is pressed and inserted an audio track but it seems that the audio driver isn’t working. The midi seems to be working in all but sound output as the light goes up and down when pressing a key.

I installed ASIOforall v2 and it doesn’t work!

My pc works the speakers just fine, it just doesn’t work in the Reaper DAW or Reason12

Can anyone help me? @Heigen5 @pasteyface or whoever? cheers


Wow I finally got sound. I have spent hours playing with it and finally! :fireworks:

Now I just can’t get any sound in Reason 12

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My brother does music production with Ableton Live. It looks complicated lol


I took a break and played some piano and then went back to it. I finally got it to work by using the codec in the speakers rather than asioforall v2.

Music at last!

I spoke too soon. I can play an audio track, now to get the virtual instruments playing!

I have virtual instruments Ta daaa…

Now to connect midi to reaper!


labrat will post some awesome electronic music soon, I´m sure of that!

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TBH I´m still looking for a genre that will make me be involved to compensate for the €…

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Not if i can’t get reaper to operate my midi! So frustrating.

I have figured out how to make music in reason 12 but directly from reaper won’t accept my midi player for some reason or other.

I can make a track and then add it to the DAw but it defeats the object.

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Do they have forums? 1515

I remember when I was playing poker (I know it´s another story) I had holdem manager bug a lot, but I could fix it thanks to reading the forums and a support ticket…

i have been youtubing and googling for hours lol…

There is those that heigen posted. I’ll check those out!

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Sometimes is just a small tiny thing that goes wrong. Does reaper even detect your midi device? Make sure it´s plugged before you open reaper aswell…

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Its important to know how to access the inputs and outputs in your DAW. It can take some try and fails to figure out. Im no expert. It really depends of you use an interface or if you are just plugging a keyboard into yoir computer

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Stupid question: does the audio interface and keyboard come with all the cables and stuff?

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The audio interface came with a usb cable to connect to the laptop. You have to download drivers from their website though.

The midi controller from box says it includes midi to usb cable but mine didn’t as second hand.

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Thinking of trying the Ableton basic

I didn’t know it was so cheap. It’s like 150 or something, I swear if was more before lol

I think they might have changed some of the limitations too to include more audio/midi tracks.

Seems like a good deal


what do you use atm?

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FL gang right here lol

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Damm do you do house? I´m really thinking about geting into music production because of house music.


Oh true I make dubstep and hip-hop but I used to be into EDM and long ago some house. Deadmau5 is one of my favourite artists and I think some of his tracks are house.

Why not go for it? Download and clickity click away. Both Ableton and FL studio have free trials.