The Underground Youth

Anyone listen The Underground Youth?

Their “Persona” played when I first OD; " I
need you" played right after I did other awful stuff for drugs.

It has that dark insight of a man who saw it all.
@soitgoes what do you say?


Cool. Thanks for sharing, didn’t know

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Let me listen… Liking it so far…

God, Sarad, must you flirt with crazy people? Just my 2 cents…

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Well it’s good… I’ll have to listen to more later on… somber melodic… steady rhythm… pretty good… none of it clash with me

Its psychedelic rock.

@odysseus1, honey, must you be so confused&rude?

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it’s real good… it isn’t often I hear a band that fits with my tastes…

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I think I’ll write down a day that I found something you like lol

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ah nice they’re a new band and there is a chick in it :+1:

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Not so many pics of her on the internet.

A lot of people here are all about British rock. It is considered as subcultural.

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Hah… Looks like she tries to hard to “hang with the boys”… Maybe that’s just her though…

Good sound… Really does capture the psychedelic rock sound…

“I can’t die for your sins, but i’ll try.” (Daddy.)

I wish you success in conquering your demons Sarad.

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It reminds me of some of the darker times of my youth. According to some, adolescence is supposed to be the best time in your life, but for me and other people I know it wasn’t. Very dark emotional terrain.

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I wish I have a strong sarcastic bait for that.

Hey! We all love you here, baby. You =know= that.

There is a kind of people who only say those words so they could enjoy listening to themselves saying that.

Naught to Intrude … ,

but There is Also a Kind of Individualistic Individual Who Says Those Words to Be Able to Laugh During Even Worse T(Y)me$ Within a Chaotic Present Future … ,

Humor As One joins Tha Finger-Pointing For No Real / Apparent Reason …

Thanks Sarad for sharing this! I have a new fav band. Im into trip hop and psychedelic rock. Indie punk and hip hop I love all music lol

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Lol. You go Sarad. Sarad in fine form.

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