Music is just as disturbing as war

I also had a teacher that told me to mime.

She said I sound so awful they don’t want to hear me.

She said I get to be in quir but only cause they needed extra number n only if I mime .

IF ont listens to some of the unique voices that sing …
IT can sound good to soooooome one .at some point in time .
It’s possible .


She’s messed up plenty of times. Mistakes are the biggest part of personal growth. Better for kids to try new things and make mistakes at home where they’ve got some support than be sheltered from choices and consequences all the way through to adulthood. I’m pretty sure that’s how we wound up with our current crop of #safespace crybullies who can’t stand to hear an idea that they disagree with.

I feel like that sometimes, where noise and activities going on around me are freaking me out. It’s a weird kind of anxiety. You just need to find your happy place and take it slow for a while.