Music is just as disturbing as war

And just as causing of insanity. Ask any kid whose ever pounded on a piano. You’d think they’d dropped a bomb.


Are you a musician frustrated? Or does it soundawfu to you?? :grinning:

It sounds awful to me, I had frustrated music teachers and was an impossible musician, myself.

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My own music often sounds like the dook of earls

It’s been called the devil. Why do we do it?

I agree pop music should be banned…its offensive…

The classics also get heavy.

I wish I can listen to music, it keeps me happy, and it helps me overcome the “avolition”, lacking interest in life. The postive symptoms made unable to comprehend even poetry aims.

Oddly enough, whenever they mention knife attacks or people mowing down other people with rented trucks on the news, I’ve yet to hear the words ‘pianist terrorism’.


What do you call a laughing piano?

A Yama-hahahahahaha


i dont believe in the devil . i dont believe the other side is likely like any religion depicts my friend… i believe in kindness here and now… feel better. maybe a nap if you feel it. peace

Well, I know piano terrorism first hand. Put a young kid at a piano in front of an audience of "VIP"s and make her think she can’t miss a note. That is terror.

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Music has been used to torture people.

Some "forbidden"lyrics and sounds and voices can be immensely disturbing to some people.

They find out what their triggers are n then play that music over n over to drive them mad n torture them.

I heard it’s been done in some prisons on rreligious people.

If you can find some of the music you like it can be pretty soothing too.

I throw my kid in front of audiences all the time with a piano, with singing, and with public speaking (she was the regional gold winner in 4-H Presentations last year, by the way). She also writes a bi-weekly school news column for the paper and regularly goes on air to broadcast for our local Net Radio station. I’ve got a capable, balanced, fourteen year old who isn’t afraid to jump into things and take charge of projects now. She is currently doing leadership training because she wants to be a camp counselor next year. What you consider ‘terrorism’ the other 99.9999% of the population calls ‘parenting’ and it works just fine.

Jeez Louise you are a negative person, Chordy.

It could be that it was that night that I let my nerves fail me and I had never failed before. Failure was so unacceptable to me that I was like a race horse that had to be shot because he broke his ankle. The reason I failed was because I thought I had to be better than my best, My stupid teacher didn’t think that I always played my best anyway.
I’d hate to be around when your daughter messes up for the first time.

certain music can be disturbing when i was psychotic… like Nine Inch Nails…

I had once a music teacher who told that I sang so badly so that I could not join a choir, I was just a little kid, every kid should be given an opportunity to be a musician, well my wings were cut early enough and after that I tried not to sing any more. Today I woke up after I listened this song in my dream, weird enough.

You clearly never been in a battlefield chordy…

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I feel like I’ve never known anything else but a battlefield.

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