Music discussion/sharing?

I find music tends to help me when things are a bit rough, and I was wondering if anyone else found the same comfort in it I do.

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass is one of my favorites :smile:

Smooth jazz is very relaxing, Keiko Matsui is way cool to.

Heck yeah, the only radio station i’ve ever listened to was capital radio in sacramento, they played smooth jazz and classical music :smiley:

Let me wake up my neighbors with this

I only know this singer from this song, has been going through my mind on and off for weeks already:

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Seen it! thousand times by now.

a classic, with a funny clip I think:

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The outro is the best. Funny vid for sure

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true the outro is suberb :smiley: I used to dj a bit as a hobby and I wish I had it looped like this on record. There was another track I used to mix in and it was always a bit of a hurry because the outro didn’t last long enough to maximize the effect of the two records playing simultaneously.

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I could wake up the block with that one.

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four twenty.

This your stuff?

Nah, I don’t make music. But this guy is great. All his tracks are on soundcloud too!

I’ve been listening to sad piano and violin music because I’m depressed.

And of course:

good stuff, reminds of this a bit:

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I love punk rock

He’s the singer from the Strokes :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like these guys for punk, as well as Fugazi