What's your favorite song of all time?

Mine is called “Song for Rich.” An instrumental with a Celtic feel:


One of my favourites is “Master of puppets” with Metallica.

I usually can’t listen to music with lyrics. Just more voices in my ears so I listen to a LOT of classical or guitar stuff like
Rodrigo y Gabriela… those two are amazing and their music is so happy.

But the one song I can listen to with lyrics is “Three little birds” by Bob Marley. That one always cheers me up. “Because every little things, going to be alright.”

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this song is one of my favorites,

Good one! One of the rock radio stations where I live has a 3 hour segment called Mandatory Metallica. They have so many great songs

I have not thought about what J is saying about listening to instrumental music. I also hear voices but write and play songs with singing so the thought of having to cut that out is pretty sad to me. my favorite song changes from day to day. these days i have really enjoyed otis redding (my favorite songs are : ole man trouble, that’s how strong my love is, and i’ve been loving you too long). classical music give me peace.

I’m having trouble uploading the video. How did everyone else do it? I’m just getting the little screen capture.

I just copied the link from YouTube, and when I posted, the video automatically appeared

Here is my favourite. He has written many great songs.


I hope this will work


That was amazing! Playing percussion AND strumming the guitar at the same time! I’m a fan now!

I’m glad you like them. They always cheer me up. They are from Mexico city and they are a huge hit in Ireland. No joke.

About 20 years ago my friend picked up a flyer that advertised that Smokey Robinson was appearing at a local church. We took two buses to the church at night. Well, Smokey Robinson came out alright but he did not sing a single song! He gave an hour talk on how he had found Jesus Christ and how it changed his life. I didn’t care, I wanted to hear him sing!!

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And by the way, great video.

I have two favorite songs of all time. This is the second.

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Another one of my favorites: “the Pursuit of Happiness” by Lissie.

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A lot of songs that Judy Collins sang.

I found my video on youtube. I have the dvd where Metallica plays with San Fransisco Symphony Orcestra. I love that dvd.