Munchausen Syndrome

I think my doctor and nurse think this is what I have.

They treat me as if my words lack all credibility

My view is if they feel this way, then why don’t they sit me down and tell me it’s all lies?

I don’t understand why they allow this to continue if this is what they think?

So angry about this. I really don’t know what I can do about it.

Are you on meds? :monkey::monkey::monkey:

Yes I take a lot of medication

You can’t know for sure if they haven’t said that to you. It does however sound like you need a different psych team. Are you in a country where you can switch drs?

No you get what you’re given.

I tried to go private, but they charge lots of money, and I found it very hard to find one that would accept me with my history

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Do you think they would put you on all those meds, if they thought you were lying? :chicken::chicken::chicken:

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You have the opposite of munchausen and your doctor knows it. You keep trying to STOP your treatment and he keeps refusing. If he thought you were faking, he wouldn’t be so hesitant to reduce your meds.


I don’t know what to believe anymore. These medications I don’t think do anything. I am only taking them due to chemical dependency

But why do they not take me seriously? I feel there is something sinister going on here.

^^^ What El Ninja just said!!! Heed the words, bro.

I think some doctors just assume if you’ve been relatively stable for a while, you should keep being stable on your own with no resources other than medication.

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I’m so sorry @Joker. That’s awful. Maybe you can try telling them you feel like they don’t believe you and that it hurts your feelings because you’re genuinely struggling

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This seems to make a lot of sense.

What confuses me is that why I go from just having psychosis, to then having Autism, moving onto Generalised Anxiety Disorder and now I am being treated for depression.

Ever since my old pdoc retired, they have loaded me up on all these meds, and I am not happy about it.

Seemingly I feel trapped by this, and my perfectly natural reactions to being sidelined and ignored has led to this situation where I am taking all these pills, and carry these diagnoses and it’s just a mess.

I am very careful about taking meds they suggest even if they insist, I can say no.

My last pdoc consistently tried to get me on prozac or sertraline but I just consistently said no thankyou.

I don’t want to be loaded up on meds either…

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It’s ok. Thanks for your message. I am just going to have to distance myself from these people.

The problem I have now is I don’t know which diagnosis is the right one, or medication.

The doctor messed with me when I saw him by saying diagnosis can change over time.

What does he mean by that?

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I will. It’s just I found a video on YouTube talking about this syndrome, and I feel like how I am treated by these people must mean this is what I have

Hey man, you’ve really improved your health and you’ve gotten a successful business off the ground. You’ve done this at a time when many who are healthier than you can’t get their own poop in a group and stay employed. You need to give yourself some proper credit for how amazingly well you’re doing. You’re so close to your situation that you see all the things that are wrong, but I’m seeing a hell of a lot you’re doing right from where I’m sitting.



Thanks @shutterbug - that means a lot

I do struggle with remembering good things over bad.

Maybe I need to have a pros and cons list for life generally so I can remind myself of the good, and weigh up to the bad.

This issue with the mental health team I am going to try and resolve. It might just be my expectation of them is not aligned to reality.

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The trouble is you never know whether it’s necessary.

I have tried to challenge this, but met with resistance.

Even my GP I tried to get them to manage my meds, and they refuse flat out even though I gave them explicit consent to do so.

Just feel like I am trapped at the moment, and fearful of how this is all transpiring

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I would happily take your place. I am in bed 80-90% of my time. I wish I could work like you. I don’t mind having 10 diagnosis and taking tons of meds if I am able to work, many people with or without sz have many diagnosis and some are able to work. You’re stable and have no sz symptoms, stay on your meds. Don’t let everything fall.

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