I lied about having delusions and my doctor doesn’t believe me

What to do? I’m screwed now…

Your threads all follow the pattern of denial

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Why? :confused:

You lied? Most people that have delusions don’t believe they are delusional. Telling the truth is what gets them the status.

Yeah I lied. I have always known that the symptoms I lied about are called delusions

Why did you do that?

I don’t know…

Try being honest. If that’s possible.

Although I never trusted my doctors in the beginning. I never shared all the crazy things going on in my head. Was too paranoid to let anyone know. I thought they were all involved somehow.

I guess I let enough slip to still get a diagnosis though.


I confessed that I faked but the doc won’t take it seriously and let me out of this psych ward

Well yeah he’s not gonna take you seriously. It sounds like an excuse to get you out of the psych ward. I saw it happen when I was in the ward, too. Inpatients saying they weren’t really ill, or saying they faked/lied about their symptoms. Just to get out.


But I for real faked… :confused:

Doesn’t matter. They’re gonna hold you as long as they see fit. Apparently, you’re still not stable enough to leave (threatening to kill your doc). So yeah, might as well get comfortable.


Sounds like you will have to stick it out… doctors don’t take delusions lightly for safety of you and others.

You’re just trying to manipulate us into saying you don’t need the meds. Sorry, but I won’t take the bait

So all your paranoid posts here were lies too? Your paranoid behavior with your parents and Drs is also a lie? You must become a Hollywood actor, you act too good.


I’m not trying to manipulate anyone

Yes, you are, and you have been on this site. Repeatedly.

Yes it’s all lies… :confused:

When I saw a pdoc for the first time I thought the entire world was delusional and I was the only sane one.

It took a few years on meds to gain a little bit of insight on what a delusion really is.

I don’t think normies can grasp the reality of delusions… So I don’t think someone could easily fake real delusions.

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Why and HOW??? When??