Munchausen Syndrome

Can I ask what stuff you are on medications for?
No worries if it is personal.

Please don’t do a cold turkey though. It could cause serious damage I think.

I don’t understand what problems your are having. You don’t seem to have any sz or any other symptoms on your meds. I never saw you complaining of positive or negative symptoms, maybe I missed it?

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They learn more about you over time which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis

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I think your doc is just trying to find things that help your weekend suicidal ideation. If you aren’t happy with what you take, it is okay to ask to be switched. But you clearly do need something because you get so depressed every single weekend. You are doing really well in life. Your brain lies to you and you need help with seeing the truth.

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I’ve noticed him mentioning depressive thoughts, at least once positive symptoms, and also motivation issues. I think you must have missed some posts. Even if someone has not mentioned things on here that doesn’t confirm anything IRL.

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Sorry about that, I was going with what others were saying that he’s doing good and that he should be proud of working etc

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My sister is convinced that my sister in law has Munchausens. She keeps her four kids sick for some unknown reason. My sister complains about it to authorities all the time. They just ignore her because she’s a shrew.

That is awful. I seriously hope CPS can help those kids.

Paranoid Schizophrenia

I don’t complain about my situation much. My mental health problems stretch back to when I was 16 years old, and I don’t really know anything else. What’s ‘normal’ for me is different to others.

Also, I don’t have the privilege of having parents who will feed me, give me shelter and manage my money. I had to work, as I had no choice but to.

I was homeless and had to do something about it…

Such a flippant comment.

This makes sense. I think having a new doctor treating me is what has led to this. My CPN thinks my old pdoc and I knew each other a bit too well, as he had treated me for 15 years on and off, and the CPN says he missed it.

I might be getting some more psychology. Will make sure this is part of it


I thought I had that
It is part of your illness to think so

I made a switch of GP and asked to start over with a clean slate which worked very well. Meaning I didn’t transfer data from my previous GP, but I was honest in telling about my history and current issues.

Ironically I had the opposite problem. Somehow my previous doctor did not encourage me to up my dose of zyprexa. I was on 2,5mg zyprexa for years. But because of drug dependency(I used to be on higher doses) I got insomnia and slept like 3 hours average for a real long time. Also I suspected my previous GP thought I was faking it. We didn’t communicate very well.

So I made the switch and the first thing my new GP said was, “we got to up your dose to help you sleep”. So I was put on 10mg, and from that point thing got much better for me. Changed and saved my life I believe.

Anyways, if you think you are stuck and have little to lose you could always have a new doc evaluate you with fresh eyes.

I was just trying to say to not give up the fight against illness by stopping your meds.

Given the hubris of some mental health professionals the arrogant dismissal of what a service user says is not totally unusual. Some do need to listen more and dismiss less.

That is not to say that there aren’t good MH professionals . The lot I’ve got now can’t fix the damage done by the ineptitude of the previous MH professionals but are caring,courteous and understanding .

There can also be the situation where you still have difficulties/problems but they are best addressed by a decent social care system .