Much ado about a modest and misrepresented study of CBT for schizophrenia

"We all hope that an alternative can be found to treating persons with schizophrenia with only modestly effective antipsychotic medication that has serious side effects. Persons with schizophrenia and their families deserve an alternative.

That is why reports of this study in the media were greeted with such uncritical enthusiasm. Maybe even the motive for the results of the study getting hyped and distorted, from exaggerated claims attributed to the authors to further amplification in the media.

But at the present time, CBT has not yet been shown to provide an effective alternative and it has not yet been shown to have effect equivalent to antipsychotic medication. The results of this trial do not at all change this unfortunate situation."

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Talk therapy can go so far, when schizophrenia or psychosis is involved. Its all about Medication and Support - Talk therapy is not always support oriented.