CommonHealth - Study Ignites Debate Over Non-Drug Treatment For Schizophrenia

Antipsychotic drugs are typically the first-line treatment for the roughly one percent of people who have schizophrenia — often in conjunction with psychotherapy. But for patients who are not helped by the drugs or cannot tolerate their side effects, what’s left?

Last month, the Lancet published a study looking at the effects of cognitive therapy on patients with schizophrenia who refused to take medication – and prompted a heated debate within the mental health community.


Great article, Barbie! I think the important take-away here is that people with severe schizophrenia need medical treatment first and foremost, ASAP. Then, therapy may be used to augment the treatment.




Thank you for this.

It’s the path many of us take… meds and medical treatment first, then once stable, look at other options.

My CBT helped me get some coping tools so I could be on lower med doses.

My meds helped me get lucid enough to benefit from CBT… it’s an entire puzzle. All the pieces help make the picture. I get sad to see the heated debate with and all or nothing attitude.