Mr debobulated is keeping me awake

Every time I clear my thoughts and try and fall asleep mr debobulated shouts ‘debobulated’ or whispers ‘debobulated’ and I can’t stop thinking about it and it keeps me awake. I have brought some vodka because the valium is not working and I need sleep. I can’t listen to music to drawn out because that keeps me awake,

@bobbilly Don’t drink the Vodka and mix it with the Valium.
That combo can kill you!

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I have 2mg this morning and 2mg at 4.30pm. Now 11.47pm. Wave thank you for your concern this is a very caring site.


Right @bobbilly - please don’t mix drugs and alcohol. Take care of yourself. :purple_heart:

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I can’t sleep, 5th night I want peace

I have only had 2 very small bits of vodka with dr pepper and I feel giddy. I have only drank alcohol once sine 1st jan. Is this normal is the valium?

Yeah, they’re not good to mix, it amplifies the effects. It can be dangerous. Don’t have any more.

Maybe ask your pdoc.

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Half a bottle of vodka 35cl (37.5 vol) and my heart is pounding and my thoughts are racing so bad. I don’t want to ring the crisis team because they will write down this conspiracy against me and they don’t me not talk to anybody because they will kill my sister. I want to ring the crisis team.

A half bottle is not a little… it’s a lot.

No one’s going to harm your sister, but I’m concerned that and the valium might be enough for an overdose. I don’t know, but it’s a lot.

I think these bottles comes on litres. I have had 35l of a litre so 1/3 of a bottle of a litre

If google’s conversion calculator is correct, 1/3 of a liter of hard liquor is like 8 or 10 drinks. Which is enough to cause alcohol poisoning if consumed in a short period. I think you should probably phone crisis to make sure you’re not going to make yourself seriously ill. You may have a tolerance for the alcohol (I know I do) but combining it with benzos (valium) is a different ballgame.

I’m not drunk. I’m in England. I think measurements are different here. I have had 3 glasses of dr pepper with a little bit of vodka in each. Thats all.

A liter is a liter in the US too… for us, a serving of alcohol is 1 or 1.5 ounces of hard liquor. So like one shot glass. Is that how much you had, 3 shot glasses full?

yes I have 3 shots

Stop drinking @bobbilly.
The Valium is still in your system.

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Ok, so by itself, 3 shots (if that’s an accurate measure) is not enough to cause alcohol poisoning in an adult, but it’s still a lot when combined with valium.

If you are feeling sick, you should consider calling the doctor. (And yeah don’t drink anymore.)

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