Alcohol problem

I have a high tolerance and I’ve had way over half a bottle of vodka today and it is 10 37 pm. Do you guys think this is a serious problem? I am honestly not that intoxicated by it. I am a regular drinker and am pretty coherent. I think the medication might actually limit the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Can any of you also identify? I am part German and my grandfather was a drinker and partier.

I thought I was going easy on the alcohol today but it is almost worse than ever. I dont get it.

I must have built up a tolerance. A few days ago I had almost an entire bottle of vodka and five beers, but I definitely had after effects and was not fully coherent like I am right now.

Have to ask…Do you read back your posts when sober? Is also a polite comment somewhere of please do not post while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

I got clean and sober in 1990. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.
Different people have different tolerances. My friends sister used to drink a CASE of beer a day but she was not an alcoholic.If you are really worried about whether you are an alcoholic or not there are many “self-tests” for alcoholism online.

I am really not causing problems. I am just wondering if anyone can identity and if they think this means I have a serious problem. I am staying home and not getting into trouble and I am in total control of myself anyways.

Here’s a start.

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Yeah man, I’d drop that habbit alcohol is just a waste of time if you have a high tolerance. Waste of money at least. You’ll be better off keeping your alcohol moderated. Keeps the tolerance low. Half a bottle of vodka and not drunk dude, yeah that sounds like it’s problematic.

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Alcohol makes a better medicine, than as your master!

I had a bottle of Grey Goose pear Vodka with Red Bull about three months ago. At the end of the night my joints (in my body) hurt a lot and I just wanted to drink some more. I think in time you will realize you are chasing happiness by drinking, but it’s only a temporary solution, reality eventually catches up. You’ve got time to heal your addiction, don’t let it get out of hand, replace it with coffee or snacks, it really is in your best interest to be level-headed all the time. I hope you can break the habit and I wish you good luck in doing so, Daimon.

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I think this is a lifestyle choice atm and I just need to decide what to do next, but I don’t think I have a disease like alcoholism. I never get in real trouble or drink and drive. I am in control and I think I am fine. I just don’t feel comfortable because I got into the hard stuff and I am worried it is damaging my body.

Denial is a river in Egypt and all that!

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I used to be drinking A LOT. I could drink a bottle of vodka or 10 beers without wiggeling. I never got in real trouble. Besides driving drunk twice but I did not get caught or crash into anything.

My liver started acting up. I got an inflammation in my liver and it did not heal until I stopped drinking. My doc talked about transplant because it was really bad.

Now I have been sober for 5 years. It was the best thing I’ve done. Go check out AA where you live. You don’t have to share your story. Just go and listen to their stories. Maybe you can identify yourself in them. Only thing is, you can only talk/share your story if you are sober. Other, you just listen.

I don’t want to completely give up alcohol. So here is what I will do. I am gong to try to give up hard alcohol. From now on I am sticking to wine and beer.

Some people are not aware that they are alcoholics. They just may consider themselves just heavy drinkers. There is such a thing as a functioning alcoholic. Even though you may not be an alcoholic now you may be heading down that road.

I have listened to alcoholics before and they get into serious problems and are not under control of themselves. I am in control of myself.

It might help to read a copy of the main textbook of AA, also known as “The Big Book”. It has some good information about alcoholism.

I feel bad that I have this problem, but at the same time I am not crawling around on the ground pissing myself. I have control. I am going to try to stick to weaker drinks.

Like anything…Moderation is the key!

One of my friends said a bottle of vodka would do me good with my problems and that it is not a big deal. :sunny: