MP3 Players for mentally ill

Does anyone know if this has been done in other cities? Just wondering what kinds of obstacles they run into (RIAA, players breaking, charging issues, people stealing, etc.)

Just wondering because I have given a couple hospitalized friends mp3 players with music and for the ones that really love music it seems like a lifeline for them. I just bought a pretty decent microSD mp3 player for my one friend for $10 on ebay. Most of the other ones I got were crappy but this one I got in the mail today is actually really decent and seems pretty easy to use. (Not sure how sturdy it is though… my friend is pretty rough on her toys :slight_smile: )

Might be a good kickstarter campaign for somebody… (maybe even me if I can get some time to do it)

When I got into a group home I left my MP3 player in my room and after coming back it had disappeared. I thought one of the other patients there had stolen it but somehow I had the vigilance to look under a table near my room and it had been fixated with scotch tape under the table. I never knew who did it, but I was glad to find it… At some point I even thought the staff did it to test my intelligence. :interrobang:

Nowadays when I listen to music outside my House I just use my smartphone. Downside: the battery drains ultra-fast!! :frowning:

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Yeah it’s amazing how there’s all kinds of mp3 players now… I use the one on my Android smartphone and I really like the one that takes a thumb drive in our car. I was just surprised that the quality of some of the ultra cheap ones is really improving.