Cool app idea for schizophrenics (does this exist already?)

(Based on this reddit thread, and my own desires to call loved ones without having an argument with the background speakers)

Is there an app that installs on a smartphone and filters out all background speech and noise, leaving only the speech of whoever is talking closest to the phone? That would be invaluable for schizophrenics.

If not, hopefully some benevolent soul makes it …


Good idea. I actually want to research digital products for people with psychotic disorders when I go to grad school. Most of my research is in digital phenotyping though.

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That’s very cool of you!

The background noise filtering app may exist already, . I’ll have to test it though.

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I was thinking an energy drink app – pros and cons of each one and the local prices at stores…lol

That and a dsm-5 or health app sort of thing where it lists all the medical symptoms and conditions and treatments. Could be useful for doctors.

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thats a good idea, sounds kinda like a beeradvocate type thing for energy drinks.

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