Better mental wellbeing

So I bought myself a ellipse machine and I’ve been using it quite a lot. Like 30 minutes most days for the last two weeks.

Frankly I think I trained more cardio the last two weeks then I did the last 6 years before. I have been walking some in the mountain but did almost no jogging.

Anyways my psyche is changing. I feel more energized and less restless already. I think this is a turning point for me.


Exercise is supposed to be terrific for schizophrenia.


great, im happy your exercising. good for you.


I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and maybe get a better psyche.

Thing about ellipse is that it’s very mild on your knees and leggings compared to jogging, this is particulary useful to people who are overweight.

The machine I bought has a maximun capacity of 110kgs bodyweight, but I suppose it’s possible to get machines that has a higher threshold although they might be more expensive.

Anyways it’s worth it. A membership to gym costs more for one year than the ellipse machine did.

I find it’s easier to excersise, also because I can do it in my own privacy when it suits me. I don’t have to get out on the streets and fly my colors, although I imagine it will be easier to jog for real after using the ellipse machine for a while.


That’s fantastic!!
Cheers to your dedication and positive mind!

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