Movies that scared me as a kid

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Wizard of Oz. flying monkey’s will get you every time and Good Witch Glenda’s voice was too much or me. Anything from Disney had me screaming. Old yeller… they shoot the dog, Dumbo… they kill the Mom. Bambi… they kill the mom… Snow White, they try and kill her… Disney is sick.


A Disney movie called Something Wicked This Way Comes. As an adult Coraline scared me the most.

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I remember that one… Ok, goosebumps happening right now… :cold_sweat:

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“The Blob”, with Steve McQueen. It seems tame by today’s standards but it used to scare me and my sisters when we were very young.

In my experience, the movie “Jaws” made me have nightmares during several nights.

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The standout scene in a movie that scared me when I was younger was from Poltergeist I think. A kid sitting on a bed sees his clown/jester doll vanish. He looks under his bed and nothing. When he gets back up…it’s there!!

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Not a movie but my parents used to watch Law & Order when I was younger, that show scared me. If it was on before I had to go to bed I wouldn’t rest peacefully that night.


My sis and I are in the ocean a lot and for some reason the idiot who runs one of the pools ALWAYS picks JAWS for the summer floating movie. Every year some little kid ends up crying. I don’t like JAWS either.

What would the kids think of Sharknado? :smiley:

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The Wolfman…