Movie theaters aren't dying — they're evolving

No, they’re probably dying lol.


They are for sure dying.

No one wants to go.


So you can pay sooo much to see a movie that’ll be streaming in a month?

So you can possibly get shot up?

Seems risky in many ways.

I’ll probably never go again and went regularly before COVID.


So you can pay $15 for a bucket of popcorn I can make for $1 at home and $5 for a soft drink I make for $.0.40? Movie theatres are for suckers.


I used to go to the movie theater as a kid and teen.

I would never go again.

It’s a big waste of time and energy.


Yeah, they invented Oreo Popcorn at AMC Theaters.

I got a free mini bucket due to their stockholder promotions program, worth 9.99. It was super good and had a generous helping of oreo mixed in and was nice and warm. I’m probably gonna go back to the movie and see the movie about the crazy drug bear just as an excuse to buy and eat more of that popcorn cuz I can’t figure out where else to get something like that.


I love going to the movies, I would have done it if it wasn’t for the anxiety.


Advances in technology wipe out businesses as much as they create new ones. Bookstores are searching for some way to remain culturally relevant, and you can take DVD’s home with you so you don’t need to go to the theater to see that movie you want to see. These are examples of the huge increases in productivity making it harder for businesses to make money. You can walk into any pawn shop and see dozens of movies on sale for $1. There are many classic movies online for us to feast our eyes on. Inherit the wind, Town without Pity, and many great Stephen King movies are online for us to view for free at our leisure. There is still snob appeal to create dubious value, but that is diminishing. Classic movies like “Titanic” and “Gone with the Wind” can be had in VHS for pennies, if you have an “obsolete” VCR to play them. All this technology is wonderful, but it does have a down side.

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Just make your own


Nope, they ripped off the idea from someone else. I was sure I had seen recipes prior to AMC bringing out their version and I was right:

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That looks really good.

And my husband has an old fashioned popcorn maker in his mancave,

So there’s always a surplus of popcorn at my house.

May try this out, thanks for posting!

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I like to go occasionally. But don’t go very often. The last thing I saw in the theater was the new Top Gun. So I go like once a year.

I like the popcorn. Movie popcorn is so much better than microwave popcorn.

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Well I mean I was talking casually, of course everything that can be done has already been done and nobody truly invents anything anymore with regards to food… but nobody has offered to sell me gourmet quality oreo popcorn before and the whole appeal is the convenience of not having to make it yourself.

I mentioned it because I’m running out of reasons to actually go into a theater and this is a big one, I love the popcorn and can get it there.

It’s like you’re speaking a foreign language now. Making it yourself is the best part.

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