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Just started Chuck Norris: Black Tigers never saw it. Next Inglorious ■■■■■■■■ which ive seen twice. Haven’t gone to theater since last James Bond came out.


I’m going to watch Donnie Darko tonight. Again. I watch this movie regulary and it’s my favorite movie in the whole world. I always cry at the end, it’s so touching.

I have adhd so concentrating on a movie for good two hours is pretty hard sometimes. But Donnie Darko I can watch from start to finish and not get anxious.

I watched the new James Bond in theater too but it was too long for me. Sitting in a movie theater, watching something for ~3 hours straight and not being able to move, is a nightmare for me. I hate my brain for not being able to concentrate, even when I’m watching something I enjoy and what I find interesting.


I gonna watch National lampoon’s Christmas vacation


I have been in my current town for four years with a small, single screen theater in walking distance yet I haven’t been there once.

Too spoiled with video on demand I guess.

Gonna watch Escape the Field tonight on Vudu.

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I made the mistake of watching a couple of movies on the Oculus. Theatre experience at home. Damn.

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I love Donnie Darko


I’d imagine it would be totally triggering for some but I enjoy the orginal cut of Donnie Darko. Very good.


“destruction is a form of creation” i sort of live by that motto. donnie darko is legendary. i thrifted the shinning today which i actually did not find so amusing in retrospect neither particularly as great as it is said to be but i do plan on seeing it again

They have some good movies that are free on the internet - Town without Pity, Paths of Glory, Inherit the Wind, The Bridge at Remagen, and others. These movies are classics. They’re worth seeing.

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