Motherhood <3

welcome, yep, I’ve got two grown kids,

but my son is a dependent adult,
and he’s on the MR waiver
so my parents, daughter and cousins
care for him when I’m working,
or want to go out with my friends.
They are able to get paid for it.

My illness has been gradual, pd. sz.
and I didn’t want to think I had anything wrong,
still don’t, a lot of times.

Hello I’m a mummy to with Sz would be lovely to talk to another mum :slight_smile:

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My current diagnosis is f.29 which is something similar to psychosis nos. I also suffer from depression and I believe I’m 100% borderline personality but my doc doesn’t want to add me that diagnosis yet, I don’t know why, but I don’t tell her everything though.
That’s great that you have such a big support. My mother and sister help me around too, sometimes even my son’s grandmother or my ex boyfriend. Every help is welcomed :slight_smile:
I try to not beat myself too much if I’m not feeling good. My son is 5 and he is old enough now to understand that there are days when mom doesn’t feel good. I make it up when I do feel OK, we go places and have fun.


I feel worse though because of his genetics, and I often dwell on future and will he go through psychosis or schizophrenia. That is my biggest fear. So I try to not put much stress on him ( for like school stuff), I don’t yell at him and try to work on his confidence. I also give him omega acids/fish oil daily.


Sounds like you’re doing a really good job :slight_smile: part of that is accepting help when you need it. I’m the same, if I’m having a good day I make the most of it with the kids. My eldest is only three and she’s starting to understand that I get poorly sometimes. Tbh I worry a lot about genetics as well. But only with my eldest, it’s really weird, since she was a baby I’ve just felt in my heart she’s vulnerable. I’ve never had that feeling with the younger two. But yeah it is a worry, we just have to take steps to try and prevent it. Or catch it early, which we can do because we’ll recognise the early warning signs

Are we allowed to post like a link to our facebook profiles or something?? I’m really enjoying this forum but really want to make some proper friends I can keep in touch with and I don’t think you can add friends on here?

Not allowed to post personal info and would be a bad idea anyway, welcome to the forum and good job on being a mother

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I’m not sure if we are allowed to do that would be pretty cool if we could though!

I had a picture on here in the old forum and google linked to everything I had on line, had to delete all my accounts, there are those that think it’s their job to warn everyone about your sz, Took me a long time to get rid of all the links

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I would recommend you first to get know a little about members on here, hang around for a while, then you can send a pm if you catch a flip with someone. I don’t have a FB only instagram.

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Changed my username from leetulturtle. I’ve had a look at the rules and it looks like it’s ok to use your actual name as your username. So you can look me up on facebook if you like :slight_smile: I’m not trying to disrespect the forum, it’s just I could really do with properly chatting to some people and I can’t do that on here

Would you like to add me on fb??

sure once I’ve finished work ill log on :slight_smile:

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If you’d like to chat more feel free to add me on fb just search my username :slight_smile:

back in the day,

we used to have IM on this site.

It was pretty cool.

I miss all of instant message apps.

hello I’ve searched ur name and a few people pop up is the cat ur profile picture? X

Per the forum guidelines, we keep our identities anonymous. Since Facebook uses real names, this would violate our guidelines about anonymity.

The full site guidelines can be found here:

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No my profile picture is just me. I’ve got a black eyebrow piercing if that helps! X

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I’m not on Facebook but hope we can talk on here.

that would be nice :slight_smile:

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