Are you a parent

Is anyone in here a parent? How do you deal with sz with your children ?

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I’m a parent. I have two kids. I had them already when I got ill. It has taken me almost 3 years to “come back” and function somewhat normally. But I do also have husband who takes care of them. He helps me a lot. I have a hard time saying no and being consistent in my parenting. I would not manage them by myself.

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my son is a total blessing he has changed my out look in life, he has taking my mind off myself, he is 6 and in school his teacher said he is the most intelligant student in his class. all i have to do is think of my son and all is cool


I love kids to much to have them.
But I do my part to protect all children from harm, and there are already plenty of children here that could use an extra guardian or two.

I’m a parent. My 19 year old son has paranoid sz. We take it one day at a time and deal with whatever comes up as it comes up. I do my best to stay calm, keep boundaries and show love.


I’m not a parent, but I really wish I could be. I was lucky enough to help raise my sister. I’m an Uncle and I adore all my nephews and nieces. I do value the intelligence and creativity of kids. They are 100% smarter then they are ever credited for.

I always wanted to start a sort of support group for people who are SZ but also navigating the tricky world of parenting. It’s a hard thing to do. I know my kid sis (who is the most put together person I have ever met) still needs a little immediate parental advice once in a while. Due to her living with me for so long, I know that as a 17 year old, she doesn’t know it ALL. (she knows a lot, but not all.) She’s going through a patch of negative friends and bad boyfriends and some other life turbulence. How do parents with SZ also parent? What do you do to protect and raise your kids while going through this as well?

Maybe a parenting subsection in the diagnosed section could be made? There’s a work and school subsection on the older forum… maybe that and more will show up here?


I am a mom of 2 a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Its hard somedays but my husband helps me a lot. Thank you for replying


it is my dream to find a partner and try and live an as normal life as possible, i know i have sz but i dont want this to be a barrier, as long as i am in control and take my medicine as prescribed i shouldn’t have a problem.

i love kids, my sisters kids are great and i have watched them grow up and now i really want to have kids now before its too late. i will make sure they have a strong resilience to sz and any other mental illness, i love girls so i would have maybe 2 girls and one boy lol but i am not fussed lol. if i ever find someone that is lol.

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I have four kids. ages 24 (25 on dec first), 23, 21 17 (almost 18…on dec 30th). I had all of my kids when I was ill…as I have been ill since childhood. but I didn’t know I had sz during the yrs I was having my children. If I did I probably would have had only one child. But I am happy with my four and love them with all that is in me.

BUT…I WAS HARD raising them during the spots where I was having an especially rough spot. one time lasted six yrs straight. I was married then but it wasn’t ideal.

Deciding to have children is a very important decision and not one to be made lightly.


I do not have any children yet. Where as I don’t want to have any right now because my sz is too bad for me to think about bringing another human in this world. I am also afraid that they will have sz and that really freaks me out.

I am functioning well even my symptoms are always with me. Sometimes i am afraid of having a kid that will cary the same schizo gene. I dont want my kid to suffer, i wish there was a way that the doctors could remove the scizo gene, as they do in other illnesses.

I have a son who has autism. I am not sure if he has schizophrenia or not, but he was worried the fbi would sneak into our house and watch him shower. When he has thoughts like that I worry a lot. I am a single parent. My son lives with me and I stay at my mothers house, so I have a lot of extra help with cooking and stuff. My son is an awesome kid. He has lots of cool super powers, a weird sense of humour and he is very talkative.

I’m not a parent and as much as I would love to be, I’m seriously not planing to be one. first because i would be passing SZ genes and secondly because I would be messing up those poor kids by my crazyness. (but mostly the first reason)
If I one day feel well enough to actually raise a kid, adoption will be an option. I dont want to be responsible for another human being having schizophrenia.

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I have one daughter with major depressive disorder, one daughter with bi polar and add/adhd mixed type, a son with bi polar. my only child who is a “normie” is my oldest (25yrs old) and is female. Had I known I was mentally ill during my childbearing yrs and of course know what I know now I would have had one child and then got fixed. even if I knew I was ill I would still have taken my chances and had one child.

but I had four and I love all of them in spite of their mental health issues. my two with bi polar are most difficult to deal wiwth and have relationship with.

I to have 4 children, I am not sure if I am the one carrying a gene that is only specific to my male children, I have a 18yr old diagnosed @ 17 with paranoid schizophrenia and my 12 yr old whom is bipolar. my daughters so far, touch wood, are ok w/out illness.