Motherhood <3

Not allowed to post personal info and would be a bad idea anyway, welcome to the forum and good job on being a mother

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I’m not sure if we are allowed to do that would be pretty cool if we could though!

I had a picture on here in the old forum and google linked to everything I had on line, had to delete all my accounts, there are those that think it’s their job to warn everyone about your sz, Took me a long time to get rid of all the links

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I would recommend you first to get know a little about members on here, hang around for a while, then you can send a pm if you catch a flip with someone. I don’t have a FB only instagram.

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Changed my username from leetulturtle. I’ve had a look at the rules and it looks like it’s ok to use your actual name as your username. So you can look me up on facebook if you like :slight_smile: I’m not trying to disrespect the forum, it’s just I could really do with properly chatting to some people and I can’t do that on here

Would you like to add me on fb??

sure once I’ve finished work ill log on :slight_smile:

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If you’d like to chat more feel free to add me on fb just search my username :slight_smile:

back in the day,

we used to have IM on this site.

It was pretty cool.

I miss all of instant message apps.

hello I’ve searched ur name and a few people pop up is the cat ur profile picture? X

Per the forum guidelines, we keep our identities anonymous. Since Facebook uses real names, this would violate our guidelines about anonymity.

The full site guidelines can be found here:

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No my profile picture is just me. I’ve got a black eyebrow piercing if that helps! X

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I’m not on Facebook but hope we can talk on here.

that would be nice :slight_smile:

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