Mother in law wants me to talk to doctor about weightloss

my mother in law thinks i should talk to my family doctor about bariatric surgery i told her my doctor is indifferent to me losing weight. he doesn’t care in the last couple months i lost 22 pounds but i haven’t lost anymore and i have been trying to eat better but i can’t exercise that well because my bad ankle is always swollen.

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That kind of surgery is risky and people can die from complications. Try conventional methods. I’m losing weight by calorie counting. I’m not exercising.


Wow 22 pounds! Awesome! That’s pretty good. Do what you want to do btw, those people you live with seem evil…just make positive life style changes and keep doing what ur doing because you’ve lost a lot so far!!

Yeah, 22 pounds is good! Keep on progressing. I need to lose around 40 - 50 lbs.

i have over 150 pounds to go to get down to my high school weight. i was still big but no where near as big as i am now. i drink more water but its water with powder flavor packets in it.

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I’d have to lose around 80 Pounds if I was aiming for my weight of 12 years ago.
40-50 pounds is going to be tough for me but I’ll try to do it.

I like to drink that too…like crystal light or something

How are you doing @EmilyTheStrange?
Are you still living with your Mom?

Bariatric Surgery is risky @cbbrown.
Stick to losing weight the old fashioned way.
Losing 22 pounds is a big deal, congratulations!

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I’m honestly concerned about my mental health, I can’t even sleep anymore. I’m having nightmares and flashbacks to the fight with my dad and I’m having big mood swings. Still living with my mom though so that’s good, just hangin in there…

thanks for asking @Wave !!! Hope you are doing well!

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Remain strong @EmilyTheStrange.
You’ll pull through!

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