Most people are chinese

this is the truth,.,1212

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They,oh…we die too

Except for the other 6 billion people on this planet who aren’t Chinese.


But the ratio is more chinese people, the rest are minorities compared :scream:

who cares? i dont see the point in this thread

I think chinese people is not the number which is published by official. From my more than 30 years living in china.
But Chinese is still the most. Over.

Do you think it’s more or less?

Less, from my experience.


Hi, @far_cry0. Haven’t seen you these days.

Interesting… I saw a documentary a few years ago about the overpopulation of china. It was a real problem for China. But maybe it’s outdated.

Well, I think it is not safe to talk about china, especially for me, Chinese.

Oh that’s right, I’m sorry.

I have never been in China, but years ago I commented how beautiful was one Chinese woman and somebody in China wrote back that she was probably from one specific area of China. I suppose in China there are also many different people.

Why are you afraid of talking about China? Finns are similar with Americans, we respect the freedom of speech, also on the Internet. I could not live in a country where the freedom of speech is not respected.

This site could be banned to China, and chinese folks wouldn’t be able to come here for support. Better not to talk much about it.


I will not talk with you about it. Over.


Americans respect the freedom of speech, I have a funny story. I had the divorce in America and during the divorce hearing in the court room I asked if I could write about the divorce proceedings on the net, and the Judge just said ‘Yes, this is the free country and the free world.’

This freedom of speech is very important. I have a story. My grandmother was a Jehovah’s Witness and during those times the Jehovah’s Witnesses were not allowed to distribute their materials in the Soviet Union, the JWs were enemies of the state in the Soviet Union and they could have received 10 years sentence just because they distributed their materials in that country. Somehow it also quite sad.

Everyone respects the freedom of speech and the real problem is no one listens no one responds and there are other problem why the guy/girl doesn’t want to post what should never be posted. I am an Indian and I like Girls who look like Japanese, Koreans, Chinese etc and I wish I could marry one but it seems to be an impossible dream, a day dream. And North East Indian Girls are same so I can actually marry an Indian who is similar to them in every way but I’m too shy and don’t have a job to search for a Bride. I live with my parents I am 36 male single and it seems I will never find and marry Girl of my life. I personally think and believe they are extremely beautiful.

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