China is surpassing the United States

In the recent years I’ve been to China, I am shocked by how advanced it is here. Technology is improving fast, almost everything is digitized, it’s efficient, the roads are very sophisticated, and the consumer market is huge. Quality of everything is improving, there are all sorts of parks, clean roads, and an underground metro that was built entirely in what I think was less than a year. The city I live in is huge and you can find just about everything here. Chinese who come to Honolulu, where I live, will probably think it’s a sleepy little town. Government is so slow in Honolulu, and nothing ever changes. I see that China is just setting itself up to grow more. I personally am not afraid of China becoming a world power because I understand the culture here. Most people support the government. Chinese people are experiencing higher quality of life. People here don’t hate Americans. It is delusional to think that China will not surpass America.


Interesting! :open_mouth: The main problem I hear of regarding affairs in China is pollution, I’m guessing they’re getting that under control?

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Yes, I’ve heard as well that the rivers are very polluted.

Yes it is polluted here but that’s been improving fast too. From what I hear, China has closed down a lot of factories due to pollution. I think they are trying to move into other economic sectors for revenue. My uncle is the successful owner of a biochemical company and business I see that, at least for him, there are all kinds of opportunities. However it is very hard to get rich just from going to college and getting a regular job. Average standard of living is still much lower than in America if you’re, say, a nurse or a doctor. The values here are very different from America, some good some bad. I feel Chinese are both more giving and more condescending than Americans.


Yeah? So will Mexico… in obesity.:grin:

They surpassed America in internet restriction, cracking down on freedom of speech, a severe lack of religious liberties, and other human rights violations. They are 10 years behind in lgbt rights.

America isnt perfect, and we have human rights violations too, but I’d prefer the freedoms we do have over a more restrictive government than China.

I’m not sure what the point of this thread is.


I feel Americans are dysfunctional in many ways in how we interact with family and friends, and do things by the rules. We are selfish and often only focus on our own happiness. I wish Americans were less self centered and more like a network. I like the Asian culture in Hawaii better, but there are things about China I wish we had more of in America. I don’t envy the human rights violations but it’s really more of a lawless place in China where money and connections does all the talking. It’s a hard life for poor people. I feel this is the problem Chinese are most focused on- increasing the middle class. I find beauty here, just as I find beauty in what I have in Honolulu. I think that soon, it will be a battle of eastern vs western values, not a battle of economy. I do feel that I am an American, but I learned something from being here this year.

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I think many eastern cultures are collectivistic while western cultures are more individualistic. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Being poor in America sucks too, but my biggest gripe about China is that they punish people if they speak out against the government. I know it used to be worse, but that and the control they have over information the citizens have is a big problem in just about every communist country. I’m not trying to sound ethnocentric, as our system has its problems too, but I think being able to have a voice is so important.

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From what I hear China is badly mired in corruption. A lot depends on what the Chinese Communist Party does. I’m wondering if they will feel threatened and throw the brakes on this economic growth. I don’t know much about it, but from what I have seen there are different versions of China. I saw this piece on the internet about this factory/town that produced most of the world’s manufactured consumer goods. They lived in a town of about 17,000 people, and they worked in factories producing manufactured consumer goods. They had brought people to this factory/town from the interior of China, and they had their native foods available for sale to the workers. I don’t know that much about it, but from what I’ve seen, I would call it a resounding success. On the other hand, they’ve overbuilt all these skyscraper buildings they were going to use to provide housing for the Chinese, and about 55 million apartments are sitting there empty. I don’t know all the particulars about these buildings, but to me they seem like a colossal waste. Personally, I wish the Chinese well, and I pray we don’t go to war with them over the South China Sea, but I guess that if we have to we have to.

China is also best in surveillance.

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They really did overbuild. Yes, there appear to be many half empty buildings.

I live in Thailand but I’m American. I like it much better here than in America. Did you know the rate of recovery of people with mental illness is higher in 3rd world countries than in first world because of the network of people and families are tight in those countries. By the way Thailand is not a third world country. It’s very nice and comfy. I’ve lived in India, that IS a third world country!


I’d love to visit China. Where I am now (northern Australia) it isn’t that far.

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Wish we surpass ourself in a sense of unity. One countries success should be the profit of all world’s countries and not doomsday.


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