My country is shit

everywhere i go there are strange people talking strange languages, i mean what the hell are they doing here? i swear they are just here to annoy me, its really fkn annoying and i just want them all to go away.

Are you anti immigrants? I’m not . I think perhaps sometimes the adults struggle to learn English but the children soon pick it up. If they are talking to someone from their own country then i see no problem with them talking in what you call a ‘strange language’. Gradually over time English may become the main language they use.

We need more Polish immigrants. They make good perogies and cabbage rolls. :smile:

What are perogies? …

Perogies are like a dumpling. The ones I get are from our landlady’s Mom. She’s from Slovakia. The ones she makes are like a potato dumpling that is sometimes boiled up and then quickly fried to make it a little crispy. The potato is just the base and cheese or onion or all sorts of stuff can be added to the filling. I love it when this lady is in a cooking mood.

i’ve got nothing against people coming here from different countries to start a business and stuff like that whether it is cooking or selling things etc, i love indian food and chinese, its just people take advantantage of our lax immigration policies,

people shouldn’t be allowed to just come here willy nilly there has to be a good reason why they are coming and they have to be able to contribute in some way.

over the last 10-15 years the population of immigrants has risen from about 2% to 12% that is a massive increase and i dont know anything about these people, who are they? where do they come from? and why ar they hear? if you were to ask these questions to immigrants in public i think people might think you are a racist and they could possibly try to harm you.

they scare me when they talk a different language because idk what they are saying, they could be saying anything idk and its like they are everywhere :frowning: it was never like this growing up, its like they are taking over tbh and its just wrong.

everything has their place in the world and people should stay where they belong with their families and communities where they were born.

I understand your frustration and once in a while I too marvel at the sheer amount to immigration from place to place. But I do keep in mind that some populations didn’t have a choice. Many people in the 16th-18th centuries were forcibly gathered up and pressed into slavery. Didn’t Cromwell do this to the Irish? America did this Africa and China. Rome did this to Everyone…

Sometimes I do ponder what would the world be like now if Northern European’s would have stayed in Europe and never touched anything south of the equator? I like to ponder stuff like that.

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its probably less to do with why they are here but more a case of what kind of people they are.
they scare me and i dont like that, i prefer people i can trust,

i phoned the crisis line once and a Pakistani woman was on the phone and it was horrible and it made me feel even worse like why cant i talk to a normal person, i always get a Scottish person to talk to and i cant relate with foriegners its like we are on a different planet :frowning:

Now I understand the context. That would make it hard. When your in a crisis a language barrier can make it even harder. Have you thought about finding a therapist so you can talk to someone face to face? Are you able to get a visiting nurse in for a weekly health check and visit?

People have always moved about i don’t think you can ever change that . If we all stayed where we originally came from we’d be living in Africa and maybe Asia (depending on whether you believe humans originated in one or more areas). Many people considered British have deep family roots outside the UK(Saxons and Normans) and Britain has always been a country people choose to come to(Hugenots/Jews/Asian Ugandans/Vietnamese boat people and many more besides.
Who can honestly say they are pure British/English/Scottish/Welsh?
My ancestry as far as i know it is English/Scottish/ and Irish in that order but according to Geno 2, which is done by National Geographic , my deep ancestry is 45% North European 36% Mediterranean 17% South west Asian 2% Native American.
I am a bit dubious about the Native American .
My Ydna haplogroup is found in greatest numbers in the Balkans.

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My last name is Mackenzie. It’s Scottish. Great Grandpa lived in Dundee, just north of Edinburgh. I actually met him before he passed away.
But my Dad is half Mexican. Mom’s family is Irish and Japanese. If no one immigrated, I wouldn’t be here.


We are all came from one species, and if everyone dig into their genes we all from this forum would be related to one another. Youtube ( finding your roots ) interesting documentary.


This thought makes me smile. :smile: What a huge family…

Here it is:

on one side of my family they come from a village called Pennycuik just south of Edinburgh, we probably fought each other in wars, i think that is where all the madness comes from !
take care


I think it was the potato.

Some say we are all at least 50th cousins.

However others disagree with this

Your country is ■■■■?!

Isn’t everybodies?

At least we are not liberians, goddamn those people need help, i just cannot believe no one is doing anything about that at all.

Seriously, go to youtube and watch the vice episode on liberia, our country is ■■■■ right, that would make liberia a huge vat of diarrhea, just goddamn those people need help.