Most Common Nutritional Deficiencies In USA

Since I am taking this class, I’ll relay some information from it as I go along.

Anyways, the most common deficienies are:

Iron, zinc, protien, b-vitamins (especially in vegan diets), calcium, and vitamin D if you don’t get enough sunlight.

You can get these from food easily. Unless you don’t eat meat, in which case you will need to take supplements.

Most of these are for developing muscles, red blood cells, strong bones, and nervous system. Although to be frank, I would be wary of taking vitamin b if you are at risk for psychosis. Vitamin B is a precursor to dopamine. And the issue isn’t really amount of vitamin b, but how much is absorbed in digestion.


I was vegan with eating minimal dairy when i got ill. I think it was part to my poor diet? Not sure

It could be. B-12 comes from animal sources alone. The liver holds enough vitamin b for 2-3 years so it may have come weirdly that way. Lot’s of stuff in the liver.

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In general, industrial food contains less nutrients than organic.

Pretty much all you miss with vegan diets is b vitamins. But considering you live in a place with little sunlight, vitamin D is probably absent too.

You would have to take supplements for both of these.

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