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I am really confused as to why guys get all upset when they have to go get women pads or tampons. I mean really? Unless you want her to get pregnant it is a beautiful (but at the same time cruddy for her) thing. I think that we should have a party thrown once a month. And a super big one when you hit menopause. I look at it like this.

You mother has her period- You are not getting a little brother or sister at thirty years old. If you are five or another reasonable age it wouldn’t be as weird. But if she gets her period it just means they have more time for you.

Your wife gets her period- Especially if you get married young and/or you don’t have a lot of money you can put off worrying about all the expenses for a while. Kids are incredibly expensive. Or when you are in your forties or older you might be dead before your kid finished college.

Your unmarried sister or daughter gets her period- Unless she is older with a steady job (and maybe even then) the whole family doesn’t have to pull together to help with the kid while she goes to college or works during the day. (I have seen this at my college. It seems like almost every girl there has kids already).

Your married sister gets her period- not as big of a deal unless she and her husband or wife are in financial trouble. But anytime a woman gets pregnant it is always worrying because some guys just go nuts and split when the girl they are with gets pregnant.

Your mother goes through menopause- She is definitely not having a child at sixty. C has cousins who adopted at sixty. There is a good chance that we might me raising those kids.

Your daughter gets her period- Same as the sister thing above, but there are also some parents who still feel so ashamed if their unmarried daughter gets pregnant.

Not saying the world is ready for full on celebrations. But couldn’t we at least get a congratulations candy bar and stop having some guys who won’t even say the word period?

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Just tell them to think of it as an an iPad.


The evening ones work the best. :blush:

Guys should just be happy that they are only getting the pads/tampons for their woman, and not themselves!


I’ve offered to pick up pads and tampons for my sis for the times I’m going to the store and she’s not. She won’t let me.

I had a bit of a “heart attack, seizure, stroke”, this time last year when one of my sister’s friends came over and took one of those pee on stick pregnancy test and left the box in our trash. I found it and thought the worst. But then I thought… There is a baby on the way… :smile: :baby_bottle: :baby:

No matter how much my sis said it wasn’t her… I was hoping there was a baby on the way. Then she had her period. Relieved my teen sis wasn’t pregnant. A bit sad… no baby.

One of the benefits of a lesbian relationship is I do not have a guy to send after feminine products. K and I use the cups which are hard to find locally. However we are frequently on the same schedule so one of us has to go get stuff when we are hurting.

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I guess I’m lucky. The few times I’ve asked SO to pick up my tampons he’s happily done it. He’s liked the responsibility and even remembered which ones I liked. I don’t make having my period a big deal so he doesn’t either. When I asked him if he was embarrassed checking out he said nope and I admitted that I get embarrassed when I do. So he’s got me beat there.

You know I read something about that… it said that when two women are close (I don’t know if it is emotionally or physically but I guess it doesn’t matter for you) their periods start to sync up.

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If I edit a reply to someone (like the one where I replied to you) are you notified?

Well anyways me question is when you both cycle at the same time is it like WW3, or is it like ‘share the pain?’

I’m bi (but not attracted to any girls in my area except one girl who was my best friend but other than that… nope) I have never had a girlfriend though so I am very curious. I realize that most people would call me bi curious (the most I have ever done was kissed a girl. It didn’t do anything for me, but kissing boys never did anything for me either until I had been dating C for a couple years). But I feel fairly sure about it. I have been really attracted to a couple of girls in high school, and I fell in love with that girl who was my best friend. Real ‘I just want you to be happy and be with you. I understand that you don’t love me in the way I love you, but if I can make you smile even as a friend that is all I need.’ love. So I am just curious.

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or just a reminder for those of us women who aren’t having sex, hey you’re still single looser…

Yes I do get notified. We are pretty good together neither of us get really bitchy. But she hurts more than I do, though I think that is more due to her having an retroverted uterus than being a lesbian.

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I am lucky to have a hormone problem where I only get a period twice a year. Thank you hormones, your the best!

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Wait… what? That isn’t very fair or nice.

I don’t get my period on these meds.

I have no problem buying them, and have many times when my wife was alive. It also lets any girls who might be checking you out know that you have someone…maybe thats why some guys get mad if they have to go buy them because they really want to flirt with some girl in the store? shame.

I also have no problem buying other girl things too like makeup, nail polish remover, etc

It doesn’t bother me either, e_lunaseer. Used to be it was tampons, emergency nylons, nail polish remover. Now it’s hair coloring and maxi-pads. Time marches on.

I buy the clairol hair color for myself too

It’s nice to see so many awesome guys! Maybe it’s just where I live? But then again it made my friend’s Welsh boyfriend uncomfortable. (Talking about it, not buying the stuff.)

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{pokes head in, looks around}…I’m male and I don’t mind buying tampons and such. Oh and hair dye too.


I guess it is just where I live. That makes me happy. You guys are awesome :smile: