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Does anyone else here go absolutely nuts when it comes time for their period? I noticed this when I started getting sick, but then I got on birth control for my unbalanced hormones and everything was good. But I had to get off that brand and get on another because the pharmacy stopped getting my brand for some reason.
There are like two week when I am normal, and then it starts.
Aside from having almost like pregnant woman cravings (not like pickles and ice cream. Stuff like freezer pops or chicken nuggets) I get really insecure. I know C loves me but I go off the earth into another universe insecure.
I would run to him crying and squeeze him as tight as I could and just cry until he told me that he loved me, he thought I was pretty, or whatever happened to be up that cycle. But I only see him on the weekends so I text him furiously until he calls me. He’s getting pretty sick of it and I don’t like it either.
Then I get my period and I’m just kinda a lump for a week. I worry about bleeding through, think that if we could use this blood for people who needed it we wouldn’t need blood donners any more, ect. blah blah blah. I don’t really do anything. I just sit back and wait for it to stop.
Is anyone else having this problem? I’m thinking if I changed my birth control again and get my periods to stop this might no longer be an issue. But I don’t want to tweak anything until my meds get stable but I’m afraid nothing will stop changing long enough for me to deal with this.
I realize this is a lot of whining but I’m wondering if you guys have any thoughts.
What helps you get through your period? Before I started this stuff I only had one rarely and if anything had reverse PMS. I think I was actually a nicer person at that time of the month…
Now I just go nuts.

I find I am moody before my period, but once it starts, I cheer up and become happy. I like my period, because for me it means a time of rest from certain obligations.

I would talk to your doctor about changing to a different pill. You could also go to a health food store and inquire about herbal or other natural supplements that help to balance female hormones and help with PMS symptoms.

Currently I’m pre-menopausal and I started treating it with herbal tinctures and ESTROSmart to regulate my hormones. Works way better then being on the pill.

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in the past I have had suffered really bad with PMT. for the last couple of periods I have improved a lot. It might be the vitamin tablets and evening primrose oil that has helped
also walking exercise helps and meditation


I’m going to buy a diva cup on pay day.

yes…I mean not me…LOL,
My wife completely hated it, and I guess you could say went nuts…moody, thought the physical results of it were nasty…complained about it.

Just please don’t go “off the earth” like she did! I’m sure when she contemplated all the reasons to leave earth that was probably one of them.

I used to say that I had 1 good week every month. One week for prementrual-1 for being on my period-3rd for being postmentrual…Then my good week!

I would wait until your meds are stable…Good luckOO

Don’t worry. I wasn’t talking about suicide. I was trying to find a dramatic way to talk about how incredibly and bizarrely insecure I become.

get to a doctor and tell him/her everything…keep a record so you don’t forget anything…there is
help out there,even with schz. meds…hang tough…

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Oh, it’s okay. I didn’t mean it that way…didn’t think you were thinking that. It just got me wondering if my wife had thought of that as one more thing to be rid of…it certainly wouldn’t have been the major focus, for sure.

I used to get very bad when on my period, my mood would drop so low and voices would increase as a result. I reacted badly to the pill also and didn’t try anything similar what my mum did was put me on agnus cactus and it helped my mood not drop so low. It helps women with all kinds of hormonal reactions so PMS, menopaus and similar issues.

Well when we thought I’d be okay to come off of it my first period after and again the really bad depression mum went straight out and got me back on it. I intend on staying on it for a while yet.

That’s what I use anyway.

I recommend you get on something to help, you can always talk to your local pharmacist and see what they recommend? Or your doctor the next time you see them? I think it’s definitely worth looking into.


That wouldn’t happen to be monk’s pepper would it? I use to drink a monk’s pepper tea made from these dried berries that smelled like mint a little bit. It tasted wonderful and was very relaxing but it always killed my sex drive. I didn’t think to try it for other uses.

Yes that’s it! I’ve never been sure what it does to my sex drive as I’ve never been sure what a healthy sex drive is but you could always give it a go when your time of the month comes round and see whether it helps? Particularly tea, that’s a great idea! But yes monks pepper is agnus cactus :blush:!

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Without going into too much detail my sex drive is abnormally low as well. It pisses K off (she has an abnormally high sex drive). I wish there was a herb to do something about that.

I always know my time of the month is coming when my boobs start to really hurt and everything on the TV or radio makes me cry. It could be a McDonalds commercial and I will start to tear up. I cry a lot on my period.

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When you’re feeling a little PMS-y, the relief you need may be found in Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet. Many plants contain compounds purported to help alleviate PMS symptoms. In fact, herbs have long been used as botanical remedies that are prevalent throughout Europe and Asia.
Here in the U.S., numerous pills, herbal teas and tinctures are marketed to help ease PMS. If you decide to try supplements, read labels carefully, take as recommended, and consult your healthcare professional. In many cases, you may have to consume a product beyond a single menstrual cycle before you begin to notice an effect.
Also, keep in mind that every woman is unique, therefore not everyone responds to herbal remedies in the same way. Effectiveness and potency can vary greatly between brand names.
Here are six of the better-known female-friendly herbs and plants that may help you feel better.

NOTE: Don’t mix St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) with AP’s or other anti-depressants.

I go to a place that specializes in tinctures and they have some specially formulated for menstrual symptoms. Staff is generally pretty information about them and there interactions with other drugs.

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Oh man! I was watching Space Dandy (an anime by the same people who made Cowboy Bebop one of the best shows ever created) and there was a dog that had been left all alone on the planet to die and died shortly after Dandy played with her and she even thanked him for being there for her. I started crying. I cried through the entire episode.

At first I was crying because of the cartoon dog. And then for some reason I thought about the first living animal in space (a dog, Laika) that the show might have been paying tribute too and I almost lost it.

She always makes me cry when I see something related to her story. There was a serious comic book that I read once that told her story. It was so sad! Some people think that she died before she reached orbit, and this might seem mean, but I hope so. Being alone and having everything change on you! Even gravity! That would be scary for anyone. And she was all alone…

Sorry. But the point is I saw that on what probably should have been a good week hormonally. I definitely understand. Do you do the thing where you start crying and then give it a reason afterwards like I do?

My cycle causes all kinds of crap. The most prevalent symptom being that I can physically feel my annoyance beyond what would be considered normal… And EVERYTHING ANNOYS ME. Someone says, “Good morning!”, and I envision myself punching them in the face for the rest of the day. #punchpunchpunchfuckyouPUNCHYOUINTHEFACE

I spend a good week and a half mentally punching everyone in the face, and then the day after I get my period I’m back to teeth rotting sweetness.

I used to be able to anticipate this down to a couple of days, but since I’ve finished breast feeding my cycle is so out of whack. I’ve gone through this twice in the last 6 weeks and no period. So much fun.

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