More girl stuff

I was referring to myself, I’m sorry if you thought I was talking about other people. I probably should have clarified that in the message. I was in one of my “moods” that day…

I’ve never been weird about girl stuff…

Found myself the other half of a couple before I was even in high school…tampons or pads are no biggy…purchasing a pregnancy test together at the age of 14 from an old grandmotherly woman was a bit awkward (for both of us) though…

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Ah ok :smile: so many of us get so much peer pressure either one way or the other. Some parents try to pressure their children into waiting for marriage (50% of marriages fail. I’m not advocating anything but if I was inclined to experiment like that and repressed it till marriage and it failed, especially if it was infidelity, I would be pretty miffed.)

But lots of girls start having sex in high school and if those people don’t pressure you I have heard a lot about girls who have done it bullying girls who haven’t to even have one night stands just to lose it.

Those girls who pressure others into going to a party with a particular boy … are part of the reason rape happens.

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I know sex was very relevant in my high school, when I went to college where I had to go into class every day it was relevant then to because I remember one conversation with a group of class mates and one of the guys mentioned how it hurt more the longer you waited when you were older. I don’t know I’ve read also that the pain isn’t as bad if you wait because you’re body is more prepared for what you’re doing than if you rush into it.

I was almost in a relationship with a guy who just wanted “friends with benefits,” I was going to attempt that with him, but he didn’t want the friends part, just benefits. While I was willing to let the idea of an open relationship work (puts the pressure of me actually, at least back then I was younger and thought that was a little better) I have to be friends with you before hand. I barely met the guy when he offered that solution. I didn’t even know his last name. I didn’t give it up to him in the end and broke it off before it got that far. If you’re going to label it like “friends-with” I expect friends. We don’t have be romantic going on dates and wooing each other, but we have to get to know each other right?

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Yeah because they (from what my younger sister has talked about and from what I have heard, I have only been to one college party and I didn’t drink anything) will leave their drunk friend there or let some guy drive her home alone. I think that is the exact opposite of the definition of how to be a friend.

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