Morbidity is a part of my personality

Because of my own suffering during WW2, I have a decidedly morbid interest in the book I’m reading now. It is about a survivor of the holocaust at Auschwitz. I can identify with her suffering. It is negative, but, somehow, helpful. I don’t want to apologize for the feelings. They are the feelings of an innocent child.

I read a book something outwitting hitler by a Australian man who moved to Australia.

He survived by forging identification with his friends.

His family were murdered but he and his friends forged their identification to not be Jewish .

He physically escaped auswhich.

Can’t remember his name this moment and I lent the book to my sister so I can’t go and check.

I would never dare do the things he did.

He is a holocast survivor or was.

He even had happy moments in all the horror strangely enough.

Will see if I can find out his name.
Awful I can’t remember it.

Was a good book to read.

His name is Marian pretzel.

Think it’s spelt like that.

He worked after the war and had a family.

He studied art before hand.

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Have you read “the book thief”?

No. What is it about? Who wrote it?

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