Molecular Process Behind Schizophrenia Discovered

Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv may have uncovered new information about the molecular process that occurs in the development of schizophrenia.

Researchers examined the brains of various schizophrenics, finding that a process called autography is reduced. That is the process in which unneeded or dysfunctional molecular components are eradicated in the brain.

This may be due to reduced levels of a protein called Beclin-1 in the hippocampus, which is a key component of autography. This discovery could lead to new drugs that spur on production of Beclin-1, thus regulating autography:

“It is all about balance. Paucity in beclin-1 may lead to decreased autophagy and enhanced cell death. Our research suggests that normalizing beclin-1 levels in schizophrenia patients could restore balance and prevent harmful brain-cell death,” the researchers said.

“We discovered a new pathway that plays a part in schizophrenia. By identifying and targeting the proteins known to be involved in the pathway, we may be able to diagnose and treat the disease in new and more effective ways.”

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What a god send. Though I think its more of an issue with god. He does change his mind though

Yeah, but were these schizophrenics ever on antipsychotics? Antipsychotics change the brain.

i always noticed 2 year olds are like me.
they have that playfullness where they will entertain any idea no matter how absurd,
willing to think wildly and contemplate anything.
i noticed the older they get they then loose that playfullness.
they start saying things like
“that’s not important and too much to think about,
i’m too busy with the business of living life”
they all start to say that, not me,
48 years old in a couple of days,
no, i didn’t let the mind grow logy and lazy,
i kept it 2, peter panned it, all playful wild thinking,
and at this age they call it psychosis, so whatever,

it’s human neoteny,
the will to be peter pan,
to stay young,
like a playful two year old,
entertaining all the mystery.
the idiot, who doesn’t want to grow up.
(it’s a good thing,
the idiot wants to be pure and simple and magical)

we could set aside psychosis, and just focus on life,
but that gets so monotenous,
rather be neotenous.

hey while they are talking about “proteins”,
let me just point out the real agent of brain activation
isn’t protein but FAT -
walnut oil
coconut oil
pumpkin see oil
hemp seed oil
evening primrose oil
black currant oil
borage oil
flax oil
oregano oil
chia oil

then hamburger fat,
maybe even dairy fat a little bit,
it’s a “swirl” for mind to write on,
a palimpsest of the human mind,
made of fat,
keep it commin,
hold the statins,
i want my cholesterol over the max on both the good and the bad.

\that’s how you develop the mind and keep it playful and childlike.
and not just eat it, you gotta push it into place,
read poetry, read philosophy, read sz word salad ,(same thing)
to reinject the original nature and overcome the forces
that make you grow logy.
that’s my molecular recipe for sz, psychotic dreaming in general.