Modern science vs the brain

I saw a post earlier and while I agree with the over all message. Its logic is the problem with modern medicine. So im not picking on anyone or hating on the message just pointing out the flawed logic.

Something to the effect of the brain is an organ like the heart or any other it can have problems and can be treated like an organ with the proper medicine.

Again i understand the message the brain can malfunction and people who dont understand this shouldnt be dicks.but…

Sure the brain is an organ like any other. But how many billions upon billions of calculations is this organ performing it vastly out performes its nearest competitor. Where as the other organs have limited tasks their designed to do our brains harness consciousness it is self aware.

Why does this matter you ask? its kind of like your heart is a calculator if it ■■■■■ up, it has only so many things that can ■■■■ up. Its probably the batteries and if not it might be easier to replace it. So you go to a calculator doc he uses his tiny screwdriver pops open the back pops in fresh batteries and bam like new. Or worst case he cant save it but if you can afford it he will get you a new one.easy…we pretty much have mastered the heart we can grow them and transplant them ect.

Now your brain is like a playstation 5 infinitly more computing power light years ahead of the calculator. So your ps5 broken now and you take it to the same doc he would get out his tiny screw drivers pop open the back… And fuking shti himself. After spending the next 50 years randomly jamming batteries and a stick into it. He says hmm maybe i need a new approach. He goes back to calculator school and now understands basic code. He says hell yea with my new found powers i can grow my own calculators and their better than the ones we all start with.

So you take your ps5 back to this dick whos just been shoving batteries and his screw driver around the inside of your ps5 randomly while asking you if its better. He says i got it. Software you just need to install a few of these on there should fix it probably. It doesnt but hes determined now hes just stringing random code together has no idea how it will interact with the coding as a whole. Then he deletes your ps5s operating system and replaces your windows 15 with dos. And it all fails to fix your ps5 even though it techniqualy is just a really fuking good calculator.

So basicly science just hasnt reached the level required to tamper with the super computer that is your brain except on the most basic of levels at wich it functions like the rest of the organs. So i feel like saying our brains are just like any other organ and can be treated as such. Is the same as me traveling backwards in time to 1789 and asking a clock maker to fix my iphone because he can fix clocks and my iphone had a clock app on it before it started acting funny.

Really the saying should be

oh you have a problem with calculator lucky for you science can fix or replace it. Im having software issues the latest quicktime plug in didnt install properly so i cant watch any youtube, some hacker has bogged down my os so bad with viruses i cant connect well with other computers. The viruses have re arranged all of my icons and my ip address is being used in beruit to download porn and hollywood movies. So now my internet service provider is pissed, the nsa has my phone tapped and everytime i press the spacebar i get a txt to my phone that makes cow noises at me. I keep going back to the calculator guy but all he does is try to shove batteries in my video drive and he keeps asking if its better. I dont know ■■■ if you cant troubleshoot my machine how the ■■■■ am i supposed to i dont know ■■■■ about calculators…


I appologize for such a long rant but i feel like its doing our civilization an injustice and instead of science being like “yea…to be honest we have no idea how to trouble shoot let alone write anything that works in conjunction with the super computers we have for brains. But we are working on it because its a big problem we would like to solve to ensure our species continues to grow and expand .” but no these dicks are like “oh its nothing take some pills, we can clone cells to replicate anything ever, want a wolly mammoth spliced with duck genes so its small and goes quak who is birthed from a formerly male orangutan. Done”.
So can you just get me a new brain or maybe run diagnostics on mine and just repair the areas that are causing these symptoms. I mean if the brains just an organ and you are masters of organs and can bend them to your will it should be maybe an over night trip to the hospital?

I mean Why the facade its kind of insulting. Yes we are leaps and bounds further in these fields good. But its scientifically a dick move to say the brain functions like an organ when you know its vastly different. And its an even bigger dick move to implement treatment proven effective on organs for brains. Just admit you dont know and throw a bunch of money and some smart people on it. The fact that its being ignored is terrible.

Holy crap i promise this is it and ill let this post die. New meds again so this is what i do.

I read an article by a hard core christian who blamed mental disorders on the sufferer. Basicly you flirted with the devil and now your possesed but if you act now jesus will save you…probably…

Is this view any more riduculous. Both seem like hocus pocus. Both treatments have the potential to do ridiculous harm. Both have tried and both have failed but they still want you to try it out. Fck just band together throw some of that jesus cash and some of that fix my boner pill money. We could have this sorted out in like 2 years. But no please keep selling your holy waters and exorcisms. Your boner pills and your geneticaly modified strawberries. Those gifts will usher in a golden age.

Im not hating on any religions or science…things…but i feel like we could prioritize our time and investments a little differently. i know interdiminsional travel is kinda the next big leap up the awesome species pole and im pretty sure we should go with our brains are ridiculous and worthy of time and money. The boner pill route can only evolve so far…

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