@Moderators - Two Weeks notice

I will let you know in two weeks time if I still feel I need to be made anon

everything ok? 9i9i9i8u7u7

Hey mate. You ok?..I second the question…Don’t leave yourself out there alone.

I am getting upset with certain posters, and I am not finding the environment helpful at the moment.

I can’t name anyone, but it’s more my issue of not being able to tolerate certain things being posted more than anything else.


Now I think about it, it may be because I have my interview for nursing today and feeling a bit sensitive this morning


best of wishes with the interview. we believe in you.
whatever happens happens for a good reason, so no pressure.

just try to enjoy it if you can


Don’t do anything silly. It’s still a welcoming community and you can work through most issues. You can put peeps on mute if they are annoying you. Never done it but I think there is an ignore feature. Good luck in your interview and keep well.


I don’t want to mute anyone, as it’s not a feature I agree with.

It would also mess up the flow of threads as far as I am aware of how it might work.

I just don’t appreciate waking up and being instantly irritated by a thread on the internet before the day is even 10 mins old - it takes me a long time to get over even small things

It’s more my issue than the people here

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Don’t let bad eggs spoil your party.

It can be hard but I’d be sad to see you go for one. There’s others here who think the same. All’s I’m saying. Get through what you need to do and maybe just come here later…Much peace.

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I appreciate your kind words.

I have a phone conversation with my psychologist on Thursday

Will see if she can help with coping mechanisms for dealing with my frustrations

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Hey, friend. I will be sad if you go, but I do totally understand. If you aren’t finding this place relaxing anymore, it can be best to take a break. Would you like to be suspended for a short while just to take a break?

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Hey @ninjastar I was in a bad state when I woke up this morning, and I read a few threads that made me agitated.

It’s ok, I just need to keep calm about these things and not get too upset.

I will continue as I was before, but I will make sure I take breaks from the forum as you suggest if I am finding it too stressful



glad to hear you’ll be sticking around.

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I understand that feeling, but don’t think
you need therapy over it.

I hate seeing awful stuff on FB right before bed.

not good for the dreaming.


Sending child painted flowers your way! :upside_down_face: